What does VNETWORK bring to ICTCOMM 2019?
01 Tháng 11, 2019

What does VNETWORK bring to ICTCOMM 2019?

This year's event is considered to be a playground for many products, services, modern technologies applied with artificial intelligence or 5G / 4F / LTE technology. Along with that, this is also an opportunity for security service providers in Vietnam to "launch" their key products to solve the problem of cybersecurity issues that many businesses in the world are still searching.

"Receive Guard, Multi CDN, Multi Anti DDoS are new and promising solutions in Vietnam"
Intending to become a pioneer in the field of information technology in Vietnam, VNETWORK soon realized the important and necessary element of information security in the era of Industry 4.0. At the same time, to implement the strategy of the field of information security and information security of the Ministry of Information and Communications, VNETWORK has strove to research and develop modern technology products to provide network security solutions for business.

The second time coming back to ICT COMM, VNETWORK has introduced the modern technology security solutions, which currently no one has provided in Vietnam market: Receive GUARD email security and SECUMAIL or 2 solutions Multi CDN and Multi anti DDoS.

Vnetwork's booth at ICTCOMM 2019 exhibition During 3 days of the event, VNETWORK's booth attracted the attention of more than 1,000 customers from all fields such as HTV, CMC, VNPT, Eximbank, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Kien Giang, ... and made product demos for over 300 customers interested in the above solutions.

Mr. Benjamin Schonfeld - Director of Leaseweb Company: "In other markets and regions around the world, technology has different challenges and standards from Vietnam. However, in this event, Vietnam introduced some technology achievements that we find very interesting, we are especially impressed with the email security technology we just shared, this is a solution we've been looking for over the last time. We will most likely consider partnering or deploying this email security service globally. "

Interested guests ask questions Interested guests ask questions Support consulting, product demo for more than 300 customers interested in solutions

Advanced issue found


The success of the event could not fail to mention the enthusiastic staff of VNETWORK and dedicated customer support

This year's exhibition, with its unique and impressive design and the benefits that the solution brings, VNETWORK also received great attention from the media.

The video was cut from the VTC14 news In the period, the situation of network security in Vietnam was still dark, comprehensive email security solutions such as Receive GUARD or Multi CDN, Multi anti DDOS were considered as rays to help businesses eliminate potential threats. hidden and dangerous, ensuring a safe communication environment, as the Minister of Information and Communications said: "Our prosperity depends on the Internet".

Website: https://vnetwork.vn
Facebook: https://bit.ly/2Ee9HIK
Email: contact@vnetwork.vn
Hotline: (028) 7306 8789

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