VNETWORK and Receive GUARD email security solution at the conference "Fintech Demo & Korea ICT Day 2
05 Tháng 11, 2018

VNETWORK and Receive GUARD email security solution at the conference "Fintech Demo & Korea ICT Day 2

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, at Pullman Hanoi, an exhibition seminar entitled "Fintech Demo & Korea ICT Day 2018" was organized by ACI Group and IEC Group. The seminar, hosted by the Korean Fintech Center, the Korea Software Industry Association, the Korean IT Promotion Agency, and the Vietnam Banking Association, brought participants to Fintech technology solutions. The most advanced as well as the experience in deploying, applying digital solutions and effective information security for banks and financial services.

Running concurrently with Fintech Demo Day is the Korea ICT Day workshop. In this seminar, VNETWORK, along with its partner KIWONTECH, brought many visitors to an email security platform in the modern digital era, Receive GUARD. Luke, a representative of KIWONTECH company from Singapore analyzed the email attacks and proposed a proven Receive GUARD security solution for businesses to prevent attacks on existing banks. continues in recent times.

VNETWORK representatives and KIWONTECH partner came together in Korea ICT Day 2018

Mr. Luke, representative of KIWONTECH company from Singapore is analyzing how to attack via email and proposing Receive GUARD security solution.

The VNETWORK product booth has attracted the attention of many CEOs, CIOs, CROs, CSOs, and IT managers and experts from banks, financial services companies, and commercial electricity companies. and telecommunications. Email security is a top concern of these units because almost all transactions are conducted via email. Meanwhile, hackers are always targeting these organizations to attack...

Many guests were interested in VNETWORK's secure email product booth and asked questions about the intelligent security features of Receive GUARD

The guests from the State Bank of Vietnam, Commercial banks are particularly interested in the ability to detect and prevent emails containing malicious attachments in Receive GUARD. The file containing malicious code that encodes data has been a common attack method for hackers to target banks. Even the big banks could not avoid this trap of criminals. News about the big banks being hacked is still a hot issue in recent years.

Receive GUARD email security platform solution that helps prevent attacks on email banking is highly appreciated at the conference.

Opening remarks at the seminar, Mr. Park Hwan Soo, CEO of the Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA) shared, on the Internet and digital platforms, there are many real applications, products or business models in the field of Finance - Banking have been developed by Fintech businesses. He further affirmed that the Korea Software Industry Association will actively cooperate to contribute to the development of Vietnam's financial industry.

The “Fintech Demo Day & Korea ICT Day” Workshop, which has been held annually since 2013, is an opportunity to share about modern technology trends as well as advanced information security solutions. This is also an opportunity to enhance cooperation between Korean and Vietnamese businesses in sharing experience in applying the most advanced technology.

Let's take a look at some pictures of this Fintech Demo Day and Korea ICT Day 2018 conference:

The seminar is especially suitable for banking institutions, companies doing business in finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, insurance, and securities.

Attendees are listening to the sharing from experts

The bustling atmosphere at the stalls

VNETWORK's booth and booth of other businesses also attended

Brochure about SECUMAIL and CDN is prepared by VNETWORK so that customers can learn more about products and services.

This is also a good opportunity for Vietnamese and Korean businesses to build business relationships together

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