RECEIVE GUARD - VTV introduces 2019 Business Email security system
22 Tháng 10, 2019

RECEIVE GUARD - VTV introduces 2019 Business Email security system

RECEIVE GUARD - Business Email security solution - On October 22, 2019, VTV Television has reported on an email security solution for businesses that are trusted and widely used throughout Asia.

Cybersecurity attack in Vietnam

The Department of Information Security noted that nearly 1,500 cyber attacks on information systems in Vietnam in the third quarter. The most is still a phishing attack, with 1,200 attacks, in addition to a change of interface, an attack to install malicious code.

The total number of cyberattack in the third quarter was equal to the previous quarter and decreased by nearly 40% from the same period last year. This reduction is since many security solutions have been implemented recently. The goal is to improve Vietnam's Internet Security ranking, up 20 places on the global Information Security index.

Using a virtual area integrated with AI and machine learning, VNETWORK's RECEIVE GUARD system assesses the security of Enterprise Email by attempting to attack, thereby analyzing and reporting on several malware-containing, intelligent fake news of business email. Statistics show that 99 outgoing emails contain a phishing email containing the Virus, 25 Emails can easily bypass Microsoft's security mechanism.

VNETWORK - a pioneer in the fields of digital content transmission (CDN - Content Delivery Network) solutions and network security (Secumail, Receive Guard and AntiDdos)

VNETWORK has infrastructure and security solutions, meeting the demand of transmitting extremely large digital content and ensuring the best information security for businesses, government, entertainment, media and Gaming.

Hotline: (028) 7306 8789

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