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Receive GUARD

Nền tảng bảo mật email duy nhất trên thế giới ứng dụng công nghệ trí tuệ nhân tạo AI trong việc bảo mật email với những tính năng độc đáo chuyên biệt chống lại các cuộc tấn công qua email

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Receive GUARD

The only Email Security Platform in the world that uses AI (artificial intelligence) in securing email and unique features to prevent Email attacks.


 A total of 364 vulnerability analysis tests for the Singapore government procurement registration result to determine the 'non-faulting product' with 'weakness point 0'.

"Receive GUARD is a new generation Email security solution integrated  AI and Machine Learning. This solution will replace other email systems’ weaknesses to prevent all attacks from hackers”

“ITSCC (IT Security Certification Center) evaluates Receive GUARD "pass" and the result is certificated following Article 38 of Cyber standard rule and assures above version and product's system environment and effect in Korea.”

Real Time Risk Analysis

Attacks report per country

Attacks report per account

Types of attacks by hackers report

Risks of unsecured Email system


What will hackers do with the stolen information?

Sell your information on black websites

Steal money from your accounts

Impersonating you to commit a crime (extremely dangerous)

And lots of other dangerous behaviors that you can't anticipate!!

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Receive Guard Protect

Avoid receiving SPAM and becoming victim of EMAIL ATTACKS

Pointing MX Record within 2 mins, helps you check the holes in your current email system.

 Effectively prevent malicious email, email containing viruses, anonymous mail

 Anti-Spam effectively

 Real-time detailed report

Inspect the vulnerability of your email system for free
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