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VNETWORK impresses in Vietnam Security Summit 2019

VNETWORK impresses in Vietnam Security Summit 2019

On April 17, 2019, in Hanoi, under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Communication, Information Security Department (MIC) in collaboration with the Department of Network Security and prevention of crime using high technology (Ministry of Public Security), the Vietnam Internet Society and IEC Group held a seminar and an international exhibition on the safety and security of network in Vietnam (Vietnam Security Summit 2019) with the theme "Cybersecurity in the age of digital transformation".

The seminar did attract the participation of experts, prestigious businessmen in and out of the country in the field of network security such as VNETWORK, Techdata, Huawei, Checkpoint, HPE, Samsung, Parasoft, Ahnlap, Viettel, BKAV, FPT, Netnam, VSEC, RSA, Fortinet, NIPA, One Identify, Ketsight, Bizsecure, etc. 

VNETWORK proudly brought to this year's event the advanced security solutions applying artificial intelligence as multi CDN, multi anti DDoS; moreover, the solutions for Corporate-Based Email are Receive GUARD and SECUMAIL.

From the beginning days, VNETWORK does consider our core products aim to provide services and solutions for secure transmission with the best quality for Vietnamese users.

Receive GUARD is the first secure email solution integrated with AI that is recognized by international organizations like Gartner, ITSCC, REPID7. With the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, systems are able to prevent APT and BEC attacks. Especially in Vietnam market, Receive GUARD is considered to be the rescue to ensure safety, information security and property for businesses concerning their email systems before they get attacked.

We also brought to this event the more comprehensive email system with security and specialized features such as emailing large capacity, recovering sent emails or setting email password. If Receive GUARD suits for businesses that do not want to change their available interface or email system, SECUMAIL will be the best choice for who want to be secured and take the benefits from this system.

In addition, two other key services that VNETWORK also introduce at this seminar are multi CDN and multi Anti DDoS. Multi CDN system with more than 2,600 Tbps in a total of bandwidth and over 2,300 pop worldwide, helping to optimize website performance while increasing the ability to reach customers around the world. Multi Anti DDoS system integrated with AI and machine learning to help navigate traffic to detect any form of attack and prevent them at the third, fourth, and seventh layer. During the event, the VNETWORK's booth attracted more than 1000 visitors, and always be busy with any groups of customers of all ages and occupations. Our staffs worked so hard to be able to provide information to customers quickly and help them to experience the actual system through the demo of the cyberattacks of hackers.

During the event, our VNETWORK's booth attracted the attention of more than 1000 visitors in all areas such as finance, banking, technology, engineering, and so forth. Our team with a high effort to satisfy all the queries form our visitors. Moreover, to ensure that they would get practical experience in the solution of security capabilities, our technicians worked tirelessly to support our customers and to do demo such as simulating hacker attacks, blocking numerous virus on emails, or doing penetration test on the visitors' emails to search out loopholes that hackers are able to exploit.

Over 1,000 visitors stopped by and spent the praise for our security system

                            VNETWORK staffs supported and consulted solutions for the clients

"Safety and security of the network is the basic condition, vital to the success in the age of digital transformation of the country. It creates a safe environment for governments, businesses, and people to use digital technologies" - Mr. Nguyen Manh Huynh, the Minister of Information and Communications emphasized.

                                The seminar attracted domestic and international experts in the field of security

                                        Representatives of VNETWORK joined this event

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