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VNETWORK invests in expanding CDN system


In order to improve system performance as well as to meet the increasing customer's demands, VNETWORK now has increased the number of servers in the CDN system from 18 to 28 with a stronger configuration, higher load capacity (each server can load up to 40bps).

➢ DELL R740

➢ CPU: E5-2650

➢ Storage: 24x600GB SAS, 2x900GB SSD

➢ RAM: 256GB

➢ Network: 2x10GB NIC

Server Dell R740 with higher configuration, better load capacity

From there, allowing higher traffic with the domestic bandwidth has also increased from 320Gbps to 620Gbps, loaded more than 1,000,000 CCU at the same time.

We have become reliable partners of many enterprises such as Dzones, Nguyen Kim, Nhaccuatui, Yeah1, VTV Go, 24h Newspaper, The Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper, People's Army Newspaper thank the fast, secure, and stable transmission method with 100% uptime, not only helps them increase their revenue by bringing users the best experience on all devices, anytime, and anywhere. Moreover, VNCDN also ensures the optimization cost for customers.

Besides Website Acceleration, Content Filtering, Live Streaming solutions, VNETWORK also provides other services such as Transcoder, which allows enterprises to convert and encode media files into a variety of formats or store large amounts of data to Cloud Storage. In addition, Live Streaming (with latency under 3s) can meet the requirements of many customers, as well as Cloud Security services such as WAF, Anti-DDOS help enterprises avoid Internet threats.

With the desire to bring true value to customers through reputable and quality services, we hope to be able to bring them satisfaction upon our strong infrastructure

Other images:

Servers are shipped to VNETWORK’s office

Inside Dell R740 Server image

Server after installation is completed

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