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The First Launch of Secure Email System in Vietnam-SECUMAIL

The First Launch of Secure Email System in Vietnam-SECUMAIL

On 21st November at GEM Center, SECUMAIL launched event-the first Email system applied artificial intelligence names "SECUMAIL-LEADING CLOUD SECURITY" due to the VNETWORK co-organized with Kiwontech and KICC (South Korean Government) with more than 70 invited guests are CTOs, CEOs of big businesses in the field of technology in Vietnam.

How is AI used in SECUMAIL?
AI has the ability to analyze the safety and potential risk of received Emails in order to increase the security for your Email account. Besides, the system will automatically convert the malicious Email to image format to avoid users click on.

Even if Emails meet all the criteria has been proposed, then AI still check that Email again in a virtual area to eliminate the potential risk which could be harmful to the user.

One of the highlights technology to mention is "Machine learning", Spamers always know the way how to get through the usual Email system, but for SECUMAIL, who always will "learn" and change the algorithm to prevent the spam mail and the system also automatically sends the daily report included number of spam mail has blocked.

The differences compared to other Email systems:
•Recalling Email: The user can recall their Sent Email back at any time and even know how many times the users have read that Email.
•Set password for Email: The user can set a password for the Email containing sensitive or important information.
•Large attachments: The system allows you to send files up to 10 GB, much higher than the other ordinary Email system
•There are also a lot of other features such as Backup, Restore, etc.

Machine Learning function of AI in SECUMAIL

Signing of the cooperation among VNETWORK, Kiwontech, and The Gioi So (Digital World) company.

AI is commonly used in this era in almost every field and with the existence of this Email Security system that ensures all the businesses in Vietnam, in particular, would feel safe to have such a handy and secure communication environment.