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More than 700 million email accounts leaked in huge data breach

More than 700 million email accounts leaked in huge data breach

According to web security researcher Troy Hunt, the 711 million records leaked is the largest single set of data that he had ever loaded into HIBP (the website informs the number of leaked IDs). Just for a sense of scale, that’s almost one address for every single man, woman, and child in all of Europe.

It contains almost twice the records than the one did in the River City Media breach from last March, the previous largest breach.

Thanks to a misconfigured Spambot, the data was available because the spammers failed to secure one of their servers, allowing any visitors to download all of the information without needing any credentials. And until now, it is impossible to know how many others besides the spammer who compiled the database have downloaded their own copies.

In the data of 700 million IDs leaked, some of them are fake, malformed and repeated. There are also millions of passwords contained in the breach, apparently a result of the spammers collecting information in an attempt to break into users’ email accounts and send spam under their names.

Finding yours in this data set unfortunately doesn’t give you much insight into where your email address was obtained from nor what you can actually do about it. So in addition, you should create another email with a better security system to prevent and avoid getting stolen and reduce unwanted losses to the least.

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