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Serious problems regarding phishing through email – “tragedy” for gullible people.

Serious problems regarding phishing through email – “tragedy” for gullible people.

A number of people have surprisingly received notifications relating to winning large amounts of money by an email under the name Google. Although this is a common form of phishing, we need to approach it with more caution.

When it comes to security, most people think of a serious cyber attack using advanced technology, which can cause financial problems, data loss, or even decapacitate large businesses. Also, there is no shortage of “not-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry” cases that are targeted on gullible people.

Phishing using money as an incentive

This method of phishing is nothing new and it happens every day, each time with a new way of manipulating users. This following case is a particular example of this method. A hacker spammed lots of emails to the victim and notified that Google rewarded them 2.5 million USD for using its services.

In order to successfully trick the victim, the email includes the title “Powered by Google” as a confirmation alongside with the words “You have selected as a winner for using Google services.

Email lừa đảo trúng thưởng từ Google

Email phishing from Google

To make the email look real, the ending of this email also included the name of a Google CEO and Co-Founder Larry Page.    Moreover, the email is also sent with a file called “Offical Winning Letter by Google and MasterCard visa 2019.pdf”. This file acts as a “certificate” for your 2.5 million USD prize.

For the next step, hackers get into the extraction stage. Specifically, they require the victim to fill out their information in order to receive the money. However, there is actually no money here, but in the opposite, important information about bank accounts, credit cards, and personal passwords have already been stolen by hackers.

Especially, there is a common detail in most of these emails, which is the requirement of confidentiality. In this case, hackers need the victim to keep others in the dark about the prize. Basically, the purpose of this is to not let the victim be helped by those who are aware of phishing, which exposes their deception.

Awareness is never redundant

In hindsight, this phishing method is getting obsolete and is easy to expose but it still managed to manipulate people who lack knowledge of security or is gullible.

Regarding the complication of network security in recent days, a simple act of phishing could get serious and dangerous at any time, causing a substantial problem for both users and businesses.

Therefore, being on alert is always indispensable. First, we need to learn the fundamentals of network security. Second, we should be more careful when comes to emails, never open and files or links that the email provides, or share your personal information. Last but not least, equip yourself with a professional solution that can enhance your security and prevent any harmful cyber attack if you don’t want to become a victim.