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500% increase in phishing attacks via email

500% increase in phishing attacks via email

Business Email Compromised-BEC has been a remarkable increase 476% from 4/2017 to 4/2018. In addition, the number of Email attacks has increased significantly 226% in comparison to the previous quarter.

Email attacks are mainly used to target specific employees, mainly finance department of a company. And persuade them to send a large amount of money to third-party’s bank account which is controlled by the attackers.

According to the report of Proofpoint 4/2018, on average, companies  targeted by BEC, have received 120 phishing emails, increased from 36 in the third quarter and from 21 in the second quarter.

Beside using threats such as dangerous URLs or attachments. Hackers will falsify enterprise’s domain to target and ensure everything happens exactly as they planed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified since July 2018, BEC/EAC scam (electronic currency) continues to grow, the target is all types of personalities and business transactions. From December 2016 to May 2018, the global losses disclosed increased 136%. The scam has been reported in all 50 States of America and in 150 countries.

This method allows the crooks hide under multiple identities to have a larger number of targets within the same organization. Specifically, Digital Shadow company has discovered 12.5 million email inboxes and 33,000 confidential information of finance department of many enterprises has been accessed, 83% information has the same password.

From there, can see that the individuals and businesses need to have a comprehensive email solution with professional and effective security to avoid phishing emails are increasing. SECUMAIL system is the first email security system in the world has application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, help users evaluate and detect dangerous emails.

Besides the ability to detect and prevent junk mail, mails contain malicious code, phishing mails. SECUMAIL also has standout features as set password for emails, send attachments up to 10 GB, recall emails. 

Bring the best privacy email experience for users.

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