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Microsoft accounts being accessed illegally by hackers

Microsoft accounts being accessed illegally by hackers

Microsoft announced that some accounts have had their address, directory names, and mail headlines stolen by hackers. However, Microsoft admitted that their email service intrusion was worse than its initial assessment.

Recently, technology giant Microsoft has confirmed that its Outlook email service had been illicitly accessed by hackers for several months, from January 1 to March 28, 2019.

Microsoft investigation shows that hackers used login information stolen from customer support staffs and accessed to many user information. To be more specific, the information got into the hands of hackers include email address, directory name, email title and email contacts. However, the contents of the email and attachments are not exposed.

The software company immediately disabled that employee account, but Microsoft later discovered that some of those affected emails had their content “stolen”. On April 14, Vice magazine reported that Microsoft had sent another message to about 6% of the victims in the case and admitted that the login information of its web mail service had been leaked and hackers could access to some accounts. Microsoft insists that this unauthorized intrusion affects customers more seriously than expected.

"Our notice to the majority of affected people noted that bad guys don't access email content and attachments. Only a small group (about 6% of the total) is notified, bad guys can illegally access to mail content, "said Microsoft spokesman.

It is still unclear how many customers using Microsoft email services are affected but the technology firm has warned their users of the increasing fraudulent actions using email accounts, and, at the same time recommended the affected cases that when received a warning letter, they should change the email password immediately to ensure the highest safety. Microsoft also said that this is only a precaution because the login email information has not yet been exposed.

For several years, has always been one of the most popular email systems in the world, however, this email service does not provide enough security features for users while threats like network attacks are constantly growing and becoming more sophisticated.

Recently, VNETWORK has launched the first email security platform in the world to apply modern AI artificial intelligence technology, called Receive GUARD, capable of integrating with all different email systems, including After being integrated, this "upgrade" email system will be perfectly complemented with the best user-friendly security features and enhanced protection against advanced threats, data leakage, spam, viruses, ransom ware and phishing.

Online attacks via email are growing rapidly and becoming far more dangerous. Not stopping at "disturbing" e-mail box by spam, hackers also make use of email to spread malicious code, viruses, steal information, extortion through cheating. Facing such urgent situation, VNETWORK - one of the most advanced security solution providers, will protect businesses anytime, anywhere prior to cyber-attacks.

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