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Discovering hackers exploiting Outlook’s gap to spread malware

Discovering hackers exploiting Outlook’s gap to spread malware

The American Government has warned about an internet attack, exploiting security gap in Email App of Microsoft to run the malware.

Recently, a group of hacker backed by an authority is abusing the security error in Outlook version 2017. This version was updated by Microsoft in October 2017 but at the present, many devices haven’t been updated yet. According to the US Space Command, with this gap, hackers can active the malware, even surpassing the sandbox mechanism and get access to the system of enterprises using Outlook.

ZDNet said that a group of hackers named APT33 from Iran had used the same gap in last December. The researchers of company Chronicle Security detected that the malware which the US Space Command mentioned, related to the malware of APT33. Before, Symantec recommended users to be more careful as they foresaw the increase in the recent activities of this hackers group.

APT33 has been working since 2013 and aimed much organization, including the government, research, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, finance in the Middle East and other places on earth. This criminal group has been put into sight by many security firms since 2013.

Under the guarantee of Iran government, this group was found aiming at the main infrastructure, energy, and army of Saudi Arabia and America in the past few years, and now continues to put the organizations of these two countries on target. Symantec describes APT33 as “the strongest group been active in the Middle East and ready to consecutively change their scheme as well as searching for any necessary tool to invade”.

Amid the tense situation amongst America and Iran recently, the internet space could be the next “battlefield” and they continuously attack each others computer system, according to Cnet. Before that, the American unleashed a powerful blow, deactivate the computer system controlling rocket of Iran. Therefore, the campaign attacking the US through Outlook’s gap is possibly a retaliation of Iran, this may much less affect Outlook’s user all over the world. 

Protecting enterprises’ data with SECUMAIL

In many years, Outlook was one of the most popular email systems that are used throughout the world, yet, the security issue of the system still always make it difficult of researchers as the hackers’ attacking technique is constantly improved and more sophisticated.

Confronting such an alarming issue, SECUMAIL is the complete solution to protect the enterprises from the dangerous attack of hackers. This system is equipped with two-layer smart protection which can help to create a safe space for users to exchange information.

The received email will be checked and analyzed the trust level based on the standard criteria of the system such as checking the email address, URL or the attached files,.. If there is anything unusual, the system will warn the users to be cautious of that email. All the process is run by AI, a technology trend developed in the future, which has not been applied by any email system yet, operated smartly and automatically suitable for all the enterprises’ scale.

Email security for enterprise is one of the most essential things to be considered, not only does it help to protect the information in the email but it also support the enterprises in minimizing the severe damage done by hackers.