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7.5 Terabytes data of Russia are leaked, many confidential project are out

7.5 Terabytes data of Russia are leaked, many confidential project are out

According to Forbes Magazine, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) has just been attacked and taken 7.5 terabytes of important data. This could be the biggest leak-out in Russian intelligence history.

FSB is the organization that is responsible for Russian internal security, including the anti-spy field and fighting against organized crime, terrorists and drug smuggling. FBS also comprise of the Federal Information and Communication Government Agency with the responsibility of controlling the surveillance of electronic activities.

On 13th July, a group of hackers called 0v1ru$ broke into the System of Information Technology Firm Sytech, a big contractor cooperating with FSB about many important Internet projects. After the attack, 0v1ru$ left the smile face Yoba on Sytech’s home page showing that they have successfully attacked.

 Advanced issues found

Khuôn mặt Yoba trên trang chủ SyTech
The smile face Yoba on Sytech’s home page

After the fruitful intrusion, all the stolen data are passed to the Hackers Digital Revolution, who have aimed to FBS before. Digital Revolution shared the data files through any means of media and also mocked FBS on Twitter.

However, there is still no information about the relationship between the two hackers group 0v1ru$ and the Digital Revolution.

Above is described as the leak-out of the most important data in the Russian Intelligence Agency, because the stolen projects included the detailed information about confidential projects related to the data collection of the social communication and Russian Enterprises, along with the projected related to the scheme that Russia plans to build their own internal Internet. However, the fact is that there is no national secret that has been revealed in this incident.

It is obvious that the Internet Space Security is the issue that needs caring and be the priority of every country in the 4.0 Industry as the Internet is gradually becoming the tool for hackers to attack the other hostile national organizations.