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How to prevent the extortion code ransomware?

How to prevent the extortion code ransomware?

Ransomware is always a threat to most users nowadays because of its serious consequences. Yet, despite its danger, it can be prevented by 5 ways below, which can help the enterprises against ransomware.

Ransomware is a harmful software when the computer is infected, all the files will be encoded which makes users unable to access, and if they want to decode, they have to pay the ransom. Although this extortion code appeared in Europe, at present, many enterprises’ data in Viet Nam are also seriously damaged.

The harmful effect and the danger of ransomware are so big that the famous researchers, security software developers have to warn: “Try not to be infected by this virus”. So how to protect your enterprises from ransomware? Together with VNETWORK, let’s follow the article below to find the answer!

Back up data regularly

Just like the other malware, ransomware is distributed to users’ PC through email attached files, software downloaded from the internet or just from the websites that users had accessed. After penetrating into the computer, ransomware will start to encode the data in it but not request the user to pay the ransom immediately. However, it will suggest the list of softwares that need cracking and obviously, they have to be paid.

Therefore, backing up data in the computer is the simplest way to avoid being encoded data. Try to have a habit of backing up important data regularly and storing in the other place such as USB, cloud…

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Data should be backed up in order not to be encoded

Spend budget for information technology security of enterprises

Enterprises’ budget should be saved and prior to the work related to information security. Investing in security solutions will help enterprises save their data if they don’t want to pay a higher price when being attacked by ransomware.

Be cautious of the downloaded and attached links

The trick usually used by hackers is deluding victim create files or click on an attached toxic link. Many email spam or email faking reliable branches like the government, large enterprises are attached files or websites’ links. Through these ways, users are easy to be trapped, then hackers can break into and control the data easily.

Thus, users should be careful when opening email attached files, make sure that the senders are acquaintances, as well as the attached files are reliable.

Use secure email system to check email

Although the email services in the present market work very well, almost them cannot prevent the attack from toxic software or phishing, so it is obvious that the inbox’s user is full of trash as the email services themselves are still not equipped the email filter. Therefore, the solution of using a secure email system seems to be the only best for enterprises.

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Equipping filter for email system 
is an effective way to prevent ransomware

Amongst those, Receive GUARD is the world’s first solution for email security applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and certified by international organizations Gartner, ITSCC, RAPID7. The system is able to prevent the virus, malware, ransomware by the technique which can analyze the behavior and warn the users of the toxic email. Receive GUARD will be the perfect choice of the enterprises in protecting data, safe internet security nowadays.

Train staffs in the company

Enterprises should be careful of training and improving the staffs’ awareness of ransomware, as well as how it works, in order to timely stop when unusual things happen.

Ransomware is really a nightmare to many enterprises all over the world and Vietnam. Hence, if you don’t want to be its victim, try to apply the solution which is mentioned by VNETWORK to avoid being infected by this malware.