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Hackers using Google Services to attack users

Hackers using Google Services to attack users

Generally, the services of Google send their announcement to the user’s inbox and the anti-spamming module shows no awareness to those email from Google. Recognizing that situation, the hackers engage the user’s inbox without any awareness from the anti-spamming module.

GG drive and GG storage

The anti-spamming module of Google and several email services in the market can easily be bypassed by the hackers due to some simple link recognizing systems and some data collecting forms of those email services.

Consequently, Spywares, toxic URLs, toxic  data collecting forms can be sent to the users

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Ads also show their vulnerability to the same situation shown above. As the emails containing some website’s data can be sent to the users, enterprises and small companies will be the target for causing primes.

Google Forms

Hackers search for the user’s information by tricking them to fill information (personal information, bank account ID,…) collecting forms as these forms are considered advantageous by the users, but in fact, the forms are not. Therefore, Google Forms are now one of the most advantageous tools for hackers to hack

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Tin tặc đã lợi dụng sự tiện lợi của dịch vụ Google để gửi email spam nhằm mục đích thực hiện những cuộc tấn công mạng nguy hiểm.  

Google Forms becomes a useful tool for scammers

Google Calendar

Hackers attack the user with Google Calendar by using the coordinates of the user and creating an appropriate topic. These tricks are usually expressed by some short documents said that the users are about to claim some reward and by links for claiming those rewards

Generally, the links are the way for the hackers to collect the information of the bank accounts or for tricking the user by asking them to pay the pre-fees before claiming the rewards. Google Calendar can also be used for creating a survey with bounties. By using that, hackers can use the same tricks as GG Drive, Storage, and Forms.

Google Photos

One of the most common forms of tricking by the hackers is using Google Photos to share images, pictures with some information about some reward which can be achieved by replying constantly created emails. Those photos are considered harmless by the users and that may lead to the loss of their money without any notice. A function such as image and content displaying is the aspect used by hackers to trick by creating fancy contents and images.

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Hacker lợi dụng tính năng của Google Photos để lừa đảo.

Hackers take advantage of Google Photo feature to attack 

Ways to avoid email spammed through GG and other services

Up to now, the fight against spamming and cheating is in high time with many efforts come from GG. However, the fight still cannot meet the end. Respective errors from any email services can be discovered and used for illegal crimes.

Therefore, the best ways seem to come from individual users. By not clicking suspected emails, links, or not downloading documents from spamming contents, the users inevitably make themselves invulnerable to the cheating from the hackers. By side, enterprises and companies should have their internally advanced solutions for preventing from being cheated.

Meanwhile, SECUMAIL is an email security system. SECUMAIL is able to analyze and prevent spams and toxic emails from intruding with AI technology and advanced methods for a full-protection designed for companies.

Bảo vệ email doanh nghiệp với SECUMAILProtect your business with SECUMAIL

SECUMAIL is based on the standard of system protection, individual emails meet the strict protocols for checking before sending to the users. It shall warn the users about the risks if there is any toxic emails or contents.

Additionally, SECUMAIL contains advanced function such as encoding emails then send in password form. Consequently, the password is required for accessing emails. Furthermore, function like sending an email containing big data (up to 10GB) or recovering mistaken email.

Data conservation and protection is inevitably necessary as well as important in any companies or enterprises. Emails itself are not just a tool for exchanging internal information but also the external. Therefore, email protection will help companies to execute risk and unwanted damage from the tricky hackers.