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Vietnam enterprises have lost millions of USD due to cyber attacks.

Vietnam enterprises have lost millions of USD due to cyber attacks.

In 2018, Vietnam was in the top list of ASIAN countries have been affected by cyber attacks

On January 18th, 2019, in Hanoi, Cisco - the top world enterprise in the network field, published the research of comparison in the security ability of Asia Pacific which was carried out in 2018.

The research by Cisco proceeded at 2000 enterprises in 11 ASIAN countries. Within, Vietnamese enterprises were in the highest rank of the “being affected about finance” group.

To be more specific, 33% of those enterprises showed that each attack caused 10 million USD loss. This number is higher 5% than the average value of ASIA PACIFIC and over 3% compared to the world. Meanwhile, ASIAN countries which were affected over 10 million USD were 2% of Singapore, 4% of Indonesia, 5% of Thailand, Phillipines and 11% of Malaysia.

The cause of all is the discontinuance of business after a cyber attack period. Statistically, 14% of Vietnamese enterprises have stopped working for days after suffering from these attacks.

Actually, the reality shows that once these enterprises stop working longer, the greater the damage becomes. The management advisory company A.T Kearney, has estimated that 1-week late detection resulted in 1,204,000 USD – three times as much as detected at the time (only 433,000 USD).

“Now in Vietnam, number exchanging is not anymore a vision but a reality. Day by day, enterprises are acquiring and making the most of technology strengths to solve some of the potential issues, and using it as an improvement encouragement. However, the risk of being attacked is increasing as well, with both the users and the producers, as long as they’re still in the online environment. The effort of solving these risks seems to be extremely essential in reaping the benefits from the wave in digitization” said Ms Luong Thi Le Thuy - CEO of Vietnam Cisco.

50% of our enterprises receive more than 5000 warnings every single day, but there’s only 52% of that group conducts the investigation. In other word, Vietnam enterprises are left behind other economies as Singapore about the ability to overcome trustworthy risk, with only 44% of the risk is settled.

To target the IT infrastructure operated by technology activities (Operational Technologies – OT), by means of the Vietnam enterprises survey, 28% were attacked in these activities, and 56% said that the movement continues to increase.

The experts have also given advices to those enterprises about security issues and problems related, and the most important thing is increasing visibility, reducing risk exposure, and enhancing security.

First of all, using the new generation security tool to guarantee the ability to identify and the solving process. Second, securing the data and confidential information as well as limit hackers timely. Third, implementing “the security fence” to block the risk and deal with it, to make sure that the enterprise's activities are not affected, typical as the security system VNETWORK provides such as VNCDN, Receive GUARD. And finally, the security activities should be organized, installed and practiced regularly.