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A new cheating campaign disguides Microsoft OneNote

A new cheating campaign disguides Microsoft OneNote

An obvious example shows that scammers were trying to create more delicate and unpredictable ways to persuade the victims to provide login information and other valuable personal data. 

This kind of cheating campaign is related to OneNote Audio Note, which has just been deployed all around the world and the first victims appeared. To be more specific, this cheating campaign has shown out as an email with the title “New Audio Note Received” which shows the victims that they had been sent a new voice message in your phonebook. However, you had to click on the link available below to hear what you exactly received, and that link is a malicious link.

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Hình thức lừa đảo mới liên quan đến Microsoft OneNote

A new cheating way related to Microsoft Office

Another specially worthing to note is that the scammers also provide footer notes to show this email is checked by a security software so it is absolutely safe. In this case, also, hackers claim that “Scanned by McAfee Ultimate 2019 Antivirus Scanning Service for Microsoft” at the end of the email. This line turns the email to be more professional and get more trusts from the victims also.

When clicking on the link “listen to the full message here”, you will be sent to a fake OneNote Online page with the domain This web announced that you have another new message and when you click on that to hear the Audio Note, you again be moved passively to another archive SharePoint page. This moment, hackers required you to log in by your Microsoft account to get the message. When you follow those requirements, all of your Microsoft account information will flow to hackers of course.

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Trang liên kết giả mạo được thiết kế tinh vi
The fake link is professionally designed.

One of the most common tricks recently is using fake pages, accurately simulate the Microsoft service login page interface like OneNote, Office 365 and Outlook. If you do not pay close attention, you will be fooled and assume that this is a normal login page of Microsoft

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                                                                              Nạn nhân sẽ bị lừa và dễ dàng cung cấp thông tin

The victims will be pulled their legs and provide their information easily

Moreover, these cheating pages all saved on the server, so that the possibility the victims believe in those very high because these pages have certificates from Microsoft

 Advanced issues found


Chứng chỉ hợp pháp từ Microsoft

Legal certificate from Microsoft

Generally, this kind of trick was professionally designed, however, this is not too advanced. Hackers made used of the mistakes in the email system’ security to attack users. Anyway, the subjectivity of users higher the success ability of this cheating campaign.

To cope with high-tech crime, the most effective solution is to use the most advanced technology applications, such as secure email systems that use artificial intelligence technology. With this system, all incoming emails will be processed automatically, but normal people cannot do as well as detect fake emails, malicious codes in emails, links or attachments containing viruses, etc., preventing them from being allowed. they reach the user's hand.

We cannot deny the importance of email nowadays, especially businesses. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for every business to equip a more secure "defense line" for the email system. This will help businesses avoid smart attacks from hackers, minimizing the damage that can happen to the business via email.