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EMAIL SECURITY - When does it stop being a burning issue?

EMAIL SECURITY - When does it stop being a burning issue?

It was several days after the attack of a code ransomware called GandCrab 5.2 via email, but many users still cannot get over the stupefied state of being the victims in this attack.

The blackmail attack has occurred in such a large area in Vietnam and the Asian countries. Hacker forged The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security to send an email with a malicious file included. Once the users download and extract that file, the malicious code will encrypt all their computer data. To decrypt this data, users must pay about $400 - $1000 as hackers required.

Using ransomware code to blackmail seems to be common these days. Moreover, this kind of ransomware code - GandCrab is not a new one but has always been modifying, and becoming an extremely dangerous threat to enterprises in Vietnam.

EMAIL SECURITY ISSUE - Still it be the hottest? It is such a hard-to-answer question and the security story is going to last longer when the users do not care about the security of their email accounts, which leads them to become a victim of the email attack. Using unsecured email systems with lots of security vulnerabilities, the users intentionally give hackers the opportunity to blackmail via malicious emails such as fake emails, virus emails, and ransomware.

To cope with the high-tech criminals, especially those who exploit the emails system loopholes to act, we need to get the best out of the most advanced technology solutions, and the Email Security system integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered as a huge step forward in the effort of against hackers nowadays. AI helps to solve many issues that the human abilities cannot, such as checking, blocking and preventing all file attachments or links included viruses, malicious code,.. from the users.

Once again, we have to emphasis the importance of enhancing the security for email since it is the mean to exchange letter, invoices, and daily contracts of companies. Once receiving blackmails, the enterprises have to get an enormous loss. It is essential to equip a wall for email system. From now on, businesses should take proactive action to use email security solutions to combat intelligent attacks from cybercriminals as email attacks have been a lot of security experts identified will be the principal method of hackers to attack in the present time. 

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