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1.5 million kinds of viruses are distributed on the Internet every single day

1.5 million kinds of viruses are distributed on the Internet every single day

According to the surveillance system of BKAV, there are more than 1.5 million kinds of viruses are uploaded on the Internet every day and there will likely be more in the future, most of which are malicious codes also known as Advanced Persistent Threat.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT in short) is an act where hackers manipulate their victims into carrying out an offense that they already planned in advance by sending a fascinating email or redirect them into a dangerous website,… Besides using written contents for deception, hackers also prepare virus-injected files for exploiting vulnerabilities and making their victims obliviously think that those files are safe.

The main purpose of these malicious codes is to optimize data extraction from victims for ransom. With substantial profits that hackers made, APT has become a means of profit in the black market that is worth billions of dollars.

Since 2018, specifically in Vietnam, more than 60 percent of business organizations have their networks affected by APT, costing approximately 14.900 billion VND. According to statistics, there are five ways of spreading malicious codes that have the biggest impact: USB virus, virtual currency virus, data encrypting virus, spyware and APTs.

 APT is one of the most dangerous and sophisticated ways of hacking

Mr. Vũ Ngọc Sơn – vice president of the anti-malicious code department of BKAV stated: “Every day, 1.5 million new kinds of viruses are uploaded onto the network and the number will increase the near future. Even malicious codes distributed through software vulnerabilities like the ones of Windows operating system (SMB) can inject itself into computers without human interactions. SMB, in particular, is yet to have been dealt with in more than 50 percent of computers in Vietnam. Hence, malicious codes are still affecting the majority of Vietnam.”

Referring to problems that Vietnamese people are coping within the context of malicious codes these days, BKAV’s representative stated: “When computers are affected by viruses, users will have to deal with many problems. They could lose administration or lose access to bank, social media accounts and emails, or be spied on by Spywares. In the worst situation, users can have their information stolen, or even deleted.