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Receive GUARD: Secure Email Gateway

 Block malware, virus, ransomware, phishing, …

 Stop advanced email threat APT, BEC, …

 Prevent data loss

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Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine





Protect enterprise email from being attacked

Receive GUARD  helps protect enterprises from malicious attacks such as spear-phishing, ransomware, malware, and including zero-day attacks thanks to applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and unique features specialization prevents radical attacks via email.



Block Virus/ Ransomware

Block threats from attachments, new ransomware based on behavior analysis.

Advanced real time report

Viewing report by geography, number of email hacking real time.

Spam fighter machine

AI & Machine Learning check all the email routing, content … to block email from spammers.

Check End point 

of the URL

Inspects all the URLs contained in the email / attachments until the URL end-point.

Convert dangerous URL into image

Protects users from the habit of carelessness by clicking on the malicious link included in the email.

User friendly interface

User-friendly interface, with multilingual support.

Receive GUARD - certified by global assessments

A total of 364 vulnerability analysis tests with 'weakness point 0'.

“Receive GUARD is a new generation email security solution applying AI and Machine Learning to make good other email systems’ shortcomings to prevent all attacks from hackers.”

"Receive GUARD evaluated as pass the criteria of the Cyber Standard Rule (Article 38) and assures the secured capability of this system in Korean."


Receive GUARD applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
 throughout the process of analyzing, detecting and removing malicious emails for users

Block Advanced Malware

Detect and block registered malware

Identifies and blocks any registered malware and provides the name of the malware to the user.

Analyze unknown file attachments in the Virtual Area (VA)
Utilizes up to 3000 VAs to execute and inspect the behavior of file attachments and block any malware including zero-day attacks within seconds.

Detect malicious URLs
Opens all URL links contained in the email and its attachments (e.g. PDF) in VAs to detect any malicious content.

Converts email text body to image
Converts email containing malicious links into an image format to protect users from accidentally clicking on those links.

Block Phishing Emails

Inspection of look-alike domains
Compares incoming email domain name against database and warn users of potential impersonation threat.

Tracks sender’s IP and mail server
Tracks and shows the route of all incoming emails (IP and mail server) all the way to the receiver inbox.

Analyses reliability of mail
Determines credibility of an incoming email based on the results of prior analysis and learning in VA.

Blocks falsified email addresses
Determine if email is falsified by checking the validity of the sender’s address against database and block them if so.

Reporting & Mail Management

Provides comprehensive reports on hacking activity
• Users – Which accounts are vulnerable and susceptible to hacking.
• Hackers– Where and how the attacks are being conducted.

• Individual backup is available for specific period set by the IT administrator.
• Ability to restore mail that is accidentally deleted.

Notify users of blocked emails
Sends a periodic email to users to inform them of any blocked emails for their further action.

Mail management based on email threats
Classifies emails according to the type of threats such as virus, ransomware, spam, etc. for easy management.

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Protect yourself from Ransomware

Inspection of look-alike domains 

Phishing URL detection 



Advanced Email Security Solution - Receive GUARD
92,4% malware (bao gồm ransomware) được phát tán qua email

92,4% of malware (including ransomware) is delivered via emails.

Các cuộc tấn công có chủ đích (BEC) gây thiệt hại hơn 5 tỷ đô trên toàn cầu

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks results $5 B losses globally.

Hình thức tấn công phi kỹ thuật (social engineering) ngày càng tinh vi và nguy hiểm

Email fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and use social engineering against their victims.

<b>230,000 mã độc</b> mới được tạo ra mỗi ngày và con số này sẽ gia tăng không ngừng

230,000 new and complex malware variants are produced everyday and is expected to keep growing.

<b>78%</b> người dùng sẽ nhấp vào đường link đính kèm trong email dù không biết người gửi

78% of people claim to know the risks that come with clicking unknown links in emails and yet still click these links.

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Receive GUARD: Secure Email Gateway