Terms Of Service

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2019 03:26:05 UTC

1.VNETWORK JOINT STOCK COMPANY("VNETOWRK JSC") is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information sent to the server and will not be liable or responsible for any legally liable, loss or damage to the data stored on the server.

2.  The user is responsible for maintaining and protecting the data on the server.

3.  Users are solely responsible for and assure us of your use of the Website or Server for legitimate purposes. Especially in the following cases:

4.  The user securely holds the identifying information, password or other confidential information associated with your account and promptly notifies us when you detect unauthorized access. by your account or security vulnerabilities, including the loss, theft or disclosure of password information and other confidential information.

5. Users comply with the procedures we offer and will not use the hosting and server for purposes that may affect our other customers.

6.  Any access to other networks linked to our network shall be governed by the respective laws of such networks.

7. While we use all possible means and effort to ensure data integrity and server security, we do not warrant in the event of server damage from unauthorized users or hackers as well as hardware faults by the manufacturer and also not responsible for data loss cases.

8.  If you violate the payment of fees, in breach of the foregoing, we may suspend your services and/or immediately terminate your agreement without prior notice.

9.  We will not refund any money due to discontinuing the service for a user's breach of the above items, except we do not continue to provide the service.

10.  All disputes related to domain name “.vn”, we will handle based on regulations of Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC). All issues relating to international domain names will be dealt with in accordance with the rules of the ICANN.

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