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Directly owned by DatViet, the largest media company in Vietnam

Directly owned by DatViet, the largest media company in Vietnam, Dzones Media Corporation is a diversified entertainment media company in Vietnam specializing in integrated entertainment solutions for young people. Dzones Network offers content that is attractive, selective and gives users a great experience on all devices such as phones, tablets, computers, televisions, etc. Not only that, Dzones also operates TV shows which is popular with young people in Vietnam.


The basics of a multimedia entertainment company are the content. Today's viewers, especially young people, are increasingly picking up on content and entertainment. The content that Dzones provides to Vietnamese audiences understand the viewer's unique taste and is primarily transmitted through video. These videos are terrific because of the variety of entertainment. Videos are also categorized into different channels, making it easy for viewers to find what they want. It can be said, Dzones ( is the Youtube of Vietnam.

With such a huge amount of video data, Dzones requires a great amount of storage space. Moreover, the amount of video is getting more and more, not less, Dzones still need more in a storage space is the ability to easily expand flexibility and cost-effective efficiency while still ensuring is the speed of content transmission.

As one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the youth community, Dzones every day has to meet the growing number of customers who visit the site. Not only the domestic customers but also from foreign users accounted for % not small. In addition to possessing a large storage space, the content delivery solution is also interested Dzones to experience the user anywhere is best guaranteed.


To optimize all the needs of Dzones, VNETWORK has consulted and provided comprehensive storage solutions Cloud Storage S3. In addition to providing Dzones with a large storage space to fully meet the needs of storage of videos, audio and video content, the CDN solution is also integrated with Cloud Storage. This is a convenient solution, not sophisticated but still ensure the best performance for customers with the same needs as DZones.

With Cloud Storage, the data storage space for Dzones is endless. At any time, Dzones can also expand and develop it easily and quickly without having to change the configuration. When using Cloud Storage, data issues such as integrity and security are guaranteed. Since the data has been backed up, the website system will always be operational 24/7 even if there is a fiber optic cable problem.

CDN is integrated with Cloud Storage to shorten the time it takes to download data from a website server to users. Whenever the user's request, the Dzones data is transmitted immediately. Customers do not have to wait too long to over-affect their leisure time as well as update their information.


With just one simple solution, Cloud Storage S3, Dzones has solved the problem that they encountered effectively. Server bandwidth and resources are significantly reduced from the first month of use. Take into account the savings in choosing the solution of Dzones. With just a small investment in network infrastructure, Dzones has a powerful and extremely convenient system.

With Cloud Storage technology, the content of Dzones on the website is always protected and easy to manage, resources are always available whenever Dzones wants to expand. Moreover, Dzones is able to reach 1 billion unique visitors as their goal.

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