Mail Cloud Security (MCS) - Professional Mail Gateway with ReceiveGUARD & SendGUARD

  • Detect & prevent all Emails with malicious viruses using AI technology
  • Convert the suspicious email content into an image before entering the mailbox
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MCS is a high-end Mail Gateway security system that helps to protect Business Email from common Email attacks and targeted, large-scale attacks, with the most sophisticated and dangerous techniques.

MCS is also specially designed according to All-in-one standards, ensuring the input and output of Emails are always safe. MCS solves security-related issues, detects and prevents threats from hackers entering the system. In addition, MCS also helps limit the sending of spam emails out, increases the reputation of email for businesses, and manages email content when sending. MCS works seamlessly with any email infrastructure, with modern Email security technologies ReceiveGUARD and SendGUARD.

  • Detect spoofing of altered reply addresses
  • Track sending and receiving routing
  • Detect similar domain names
  • Detecting new malware (ransomware)
  • Integrated AI - VA system protects Mail
  • Intelligent phishing block (BEC attack)
  • Encrypt email into images
  • Check for fake domain names
  • Anti-intrusion for email server
  • Control outgoing mail
  • Customize mailing policies for each company
  • Prevent sending fake accounts
  • Check outgoing mail keywords
  • Filter messages and approve outgoing mail
  • Prevent account hijacking
  • Authenticate sender and outgoing alert

Price list

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The system is globally certified

Passed 364 tests with no security holes.

"ReceiveGUARD is a new generation email security solution with AI and Machine Learning applications to overcome the weaknesses of other email systems to defend against targeted attacks from hackers."

"ReceiveGUARD eligible pass the rules of network security and ensure the security of the system in Korea".

Technology Solutions Mail Cloud Security (MCS)

Mail Cloud Security

The ReceiveGUARD Apply technology Artificial Intelligence (AI - Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (ML - Machine Learning) to help prevent and detect malicious code, encrypt malicious emails into images. MCS is the leading smart anti-phishing email solution in the world.

The ReceiveGUARD system helps to prevent email phishing when Hackers intentionally use similar email domains, control the entire route of sending and receiving emails, abnormal email behaviors, and prevent malicious email malware. new micro appeared.

Mail Cloud Security

Detect email address spoofing

  • Prevent information theft and email phishing
  • Check the validity of Incoming Email
Mail Cloud Security

Track send & receive routing

  • If the email route is changed, the system will detect and alert the recipient
  • Verify Incoming Email
Mail Cloud Security

Detect similar domain names

  • Detect Email is a fake domain name similar to real Email.
  • Prevent the most difficult to detect fake Email domains
Mail Cloud Security

New malware detection

  • The system checks for malicious attachments and analyzes user behavior.
  • URL parse, Link nested Link to *n times.
Mail Cloud Security 5

The SendGUARD is an advanced solution for managing outgoing email content based on the world's leading modern email source analysis technology.

The SendGUARD system controls Email through the internal Email approval process and through Email certificate management, as well as Email filter management policies that are tailored for each business.

Mail Cloud Security

Anti-attack Mail Server

  • Anti-attack Mail Server from other countries
  • Anti-intrusion Mail Server with fake email
  • Mail server access log (IP, date, ...)
Mail Cloud Security

Control outgoing email flow

  • Email timer on request
  • Prevent hackers from stealing outgoing emails
  • Advanced outgoing Email control
Mail Cloud Security

Customize email sending policy

  • Send Email via group administrator approval
  • Set up email receiving list
  • Control sensitive keywords to help keep business confidential
Mail Cloud Security

Valid Email Verification

  • If the destination is a fake email, the system will immediately alert
  • Warning when sending emails to hacker accounts
  • Prevent internal information theft and phishing email responses


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