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  • Email registration under separate domain name for Business
  • Email Enterprise Firewall package for 12 months
  • Email under Company domain name, anti-spam, phishing, virus trusted and used by thousands of Customers
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Email V Pro

Email V Pro is a Domain Email service specially designed by VNETWORK Joint Stock Company. Email V Pro is for all businesses in Vietnam wishing to use Email under their own domain name.

Email V Pro is significantly improved compared to Email Business 2019, with many special features & utilities such as:

  • The mail system is stored on the Cloud environment, helping to speed up email transmission globally
  • The high-quality SSD hard drive loads emails quickly, anytime
  • Friendly Email interface, send an email with a secure password
  • Easily upgrade Email capacity when needed


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The investment cost is extremely low

Clean and reliable IP Email

Many high-end gadgets

24/7 fast support service

Simple package upgrade

Easy to integrate security when needed

Switch email providers quickly

Commitment Email 100% uptime

Feature comparison table

Email Business 2019VPro

Check incoming mail history

Manage IP access

SSD hard drive

SLA 99.9%

Set Password for Outgoing Email

Recover mistaken email

Mobile interface

Share internal email

Encryption TLS Email content

Auth Failure Tracking

Special Features

Modern and reliable server infrastructure

VNETWORK commits that the Email system is set up optimally, we have many server clusters in the world, ensuring 99% of email in the inbox.

Authenticate email content security

The email system is encrypted with TLS security authentication, Email information transmitted over the Internet is confidential and prevents leakage.

Premium Email data security

The highly secure Mail Cloud platform helps protect corporate information thoroughly with the most modern and advanced Email system.

Easy to expand Attachment size

You can easily upgrade the capacity for attachments up to 10GB (additional service), making email exchange fast and convenient.

Email traffic control system

Controlling the user traffic of Email Accounts helps to distribute Email activities appropriately and without interrupting the sending and receiving of emails of businesses.

Technical team support fast 24/7

VNETWORK has a professional technical team, ensuring 24/7 customer support. Help every business feel secure in the process of using and securing Email when needed.


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