Virus Emotet VNETWORK
September 30, 2020

Virus Emotet VNETWORK

VNETWORK reported warning about the Emotet Virus

Recently, the business community suffers from attacks from a malware called Emotet. This is a Ransomware Virus that is considered to be very dangerous due to many complex variations, the current version of Emotet is capable of installing other malware on infected machines, this malware has can include Trojans or malspam-spreading malware, so the ability to spread and spread very quickly.

The main mode of transmission for Emotet is through email. In just 1 week, our secure email system ReceiveGuard has blocked millions of emails infected with viruses and fake emails caused by Emotet. This malware is especially dangerous for computers using Mail Client software such as Outlook, ...

With clever spoofing attacks, most users are unable to detect these spoof emails by themselves. The email content is often convincing users to click by using topics such as "Bill payment", "Payment details", ... These emails have attachments in .doc format or URL. Document file format contains malicious macros, when the user downloads the file, Emotet malware will be automatically installed on the system. Hackers will then exploit information theft, email collection, ransomware, remote control, and many other dangerous behaviors.

Users need to be very cautious when opening email attachments every day, regardless of the email of colleagues or strangers. Equip yourself with a professional email security solution to ensure safety and avoid risks of economic damage.





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