70,000 cyber attacks per day in Vietnam - 2021
July 24, 2021

70,000 cyber attacks per day in Vietnam - 2021

1. Network security situation today

Vietnam records up to 70,000 cyber attacks every day

In recent times, everyday Vietnam records about 70,000 attacks on network accounts, such as websites and emails, to steal information and take money from users.

Faced with this situation, the Hanoi Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention has also issued recommendations to organizations and businesses to be vigilant about the methods and tricks of this new type of crime.

According to technology experts, the banking industry group is the most attacked. Therefore, in the past time, banks have upgraded their security systems, and objects cannot penetrate banking websites. Instead, the attacker sought to infiltrate each individual customer to defraud.

In the past June alone, CyRadar's network attack prevention and predictive monitoring system have detected 1.4 million websites and links containing malicious code. In which, the banking industry accounts for over 40%.

Besides, according to data from the security monitoring system of the company VNETWORK, in the first 6 months of 2021, more than 10 million emails were hacked.

2. Types of Attacks

Send a message with a link containing malicious code:

The attack trick is simple but very professional, by creating fake websites, then sending messages to users with attractive content such as winning prizes, promotions,... Doing this has caused many people to be trapped and damaged, which one victim shared that he lost nearly 200 million VND because of this form of fraud.

The fake websites require users to log in information, passwords, OTP codes, ... to take over the victim's bank account.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc - Director of CyRadar said: "The malicious code is pre-installed on that website, after activation, it will collect personal information on each of our computers. For example, we type a password or we type any information is recorded.

Attacks by sending malicious emails:

Emails and social media accounts of organizations and individuals are the next targets of attacks. The tricks of the subjects are sending spam emails from personal, business, and organizational email boxes to steal information, attack denial of service, threaten to take control of computers, and blackmail.

VNETWORK representatives also shared some other types of attacks

Hackers also take advantage of code vulnerabilities to perform forms of inserting malicious code that make users unable to access the website, thereby losing brand reputation, service interruption, and loss of business revenue. These attacks are mainly aimed at media businesses, government agencies, and large businesses.

The security email system SECU E Cloud also recorded an increasing number of phishing emails, spam emails containing malicious code. Hackers will often forge email addresses and send professional content to trick users into sending important information or making payment or transfer requests. With this form of a targeted attack, most ordinary users will be easily trapped, causing huge losses to businesses. This form of email attack targets almost all business objects, especially logistics transport units and production units.

3. Network security solution

When the state of cybersecurity is increasingly threatened, especially during the difficult period of the pandemic, individuals, as well as organizations and businesses, should raise their vigilance against these types of attacks and equip with safe and reliable security measures.

VNETWORK is currently applying AI and Machine Learning technologies to Website anti-DDoS service - VNIS and Email security system - SECU E Cloud to detect and prevent attacks. In addition, with a large infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring SOC system, VNETWORK is confident that it can help businesses end their worries about network security.

Join VNETWORK to protect your business today. Call the Quick Support Hotline at: (028) 7306 8789 or email: contact@vnetwork.vn

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