Internet Status & Cyber Security 2020 - 1 year look back
January 01, 2021

Internet Status & Cyber Security 2020 - 1 year look back

Cybersecurity in Vietnam

In 2020, as the world seeks to adapt to the pandemic, cybercriminals are also constantly creating threats to businesses. In Vietnam, about 68.17 million Internet users (accounting for about 70% of the population) are facing many dangers and challenges from cyberspace.

1. Cyber attacks target the critical information infrastructure of state agencies. From the beginning of 2020 up to now, the Ministry of Public Security discovered that 1,721 pages of Vietnam's electronic portal were attacked by hackers and changed the interface of the website, of which 181 pages are under the management of state agencies.

2. Criminal activities using high technology are increasing in a number of cases, and tricks are becoming more sophisticated, seriously affecting social life. Cyber terror activities are considered the third threat.

3. The posting of bad and false information, fake news, and unconfirmed news caused public confusion, especially the "storm of fake news" related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internet attacks increase because where?

According to the report of cybersecurity experts, activities aimed at curbing the spread of the epidemic have created an impetus for the world to "move towards advanced digital technology" but also leave holes. Serious security gaps for criminals worldwide to exploit.

Recent Check Point Research studies show that around April 2020 there was a dramatic increase in COVID-19 scams with 18 million phishing emails per day, 240 million spam messages, and more than 2,000 names. new suspicious domain.

Obviously, vigilance is our first defense against phishing and email phishing attacks. However, the COVID-19 shutdown policy has frightened and stressed many people. They easily fall prey to online criminals who steal personal information.

ASEAN is considered a hotspot for cyberattacks

Speaking at a press conference in October 2020, Vitaly Kamluk, Head of Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis Group in Asia-Pacific warned, COVID-19 is the foundation for cybercriminals. boost their engines in Southeast Asia in 2020.

The most common attack is an email attack that steals corporate data and information with malicious software. Typically, in June 2020, a subsidiary of Singapore's ST Engineering Aerospace was attacked by a malware (Malware) called Maze, resulting in more than 1.5TB of data being stolen.

Cyfirma, an intelligence firm on cybersecurity, said business groups most likely to be hacked in the near future include: Logistics businesses, government agencies, banking, and e-commerce.

Cyfirma also warned: "Hackers have had plans for exploitation long before they launch mass attack campaigns at the moment. Therefore, it is important for businesses to be wary and takes all necessary precautions to help secure the network and secure the email system."

Business Email security solutions

Countries in the ASEAN region have accelerated the digital transformation process while promoting the deployment of cybersecurity solutions and enhancing corporate email security in the network environment, thereby contributing ensure a healthy and stable network environment, and repel high-tech cybercrime.

Many advanced email security solutions include New generation firewall (Mail Gateway), malware prevention software, data loss prevention solution, intrusion detection system.

Mail Gateway for Business

Mail Gateway SecuEcloud applies AI technology (artificial intelligence) and virtual area (Virtual Private Area) to support analyzing every email from the sender, sending history, URL path, attach file, sender path... and detect fake characteristics.

SecuEcloud is capable of removing all malicious URLs, checking URLs to the endpoint. Prevent all malicious files, Ransomware ... and the latest harmful agents.

Register for POC SecuEcloud at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789

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