Statistics alarm network attack Vietnam in 2020
September 09, 2020

Statistics alarm network attack Vietnam in 2020

Alert for Vietnamese network attack

According to the statistical report of network security organizations in Vietnam in the first eight months of 2020, there have been more than 3 million detections of cyberattacks on enterprises across the country.

Cyber attacks are not outside purposes such as destroying information systems, stealing corporate data, they are more organized, so the likelihood of success is also higher.

Cyber attacks always create pressure threatening the stability of the political economy, as well as the security of the national network. The awareness of preventing cyber-attacks needs to be formed in the minds of every person who participates in digital technology today.

In Vietnam, not only government organizations or banking and financial enterprises are more likely to suffer from cyber attacks, many businesses such as stocks, hospitals,... are also susceptible to attacks such as encryption. data on the intranet, web crashes, or malicious code infection on corporate email... Typically, Emotet Virus has been growing rapidly in the past few weeks, they are recorded in the Email filter system ReceiveGUARD of the old company. VNETWORK section.

Network attack statistics 2020

The percentage of cyberattacks on Vietnamese enterprises recorded in recent times has made many people worry, especially leaders and network administrators. The number is recorded as follows:

• 77.58% of enterprise website DDoS attacks, encrypting Web site data to demand a ransom.

• 12.05% of the attacks were related to malicious code, Virus trojan in Business Email.

• 3.92% attacked the login user password.

• 6.45% attacked users' mobile devices.

The specific number recorded from the security organizations said that up to 75,800 cyberattacks in 2020 are targeting financial and banking systems and up to 20,168 attacks are targeting the system. networks of companies in the Vietnamese transportation sector.

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