Email serious attack US Treasury
December 14, 2020

Email serious attack US Treasury

Hackers take advantage of email security vulnerabilities to attack networks

The Treasury and Commerce Department of the USA have been subjected to cyber-attacks through loopholes in Corporate Email Security, which are known to involve foreign government-backed hacker groups.

Security Agencies in the USA are working hard to investigate and review issues related to the targeted Email attack on the Network system of the Ministry of Finance and Trade of the Government.

The Reuters newspaper previously reported that Hackers carried out a complex cyberattack against the US Treasury Department as well as the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) under the Department of Commerce. According to sources, the cyber attack through this email vulnerability was so serious that the NSC had to convene an official meeting on December 12.

Hackers used Microsoft Office 365's Mail platform to track the entire email system of employees at the Ministry of Finance and NTIA over the past several months, according to a report from security organizations. The network really happened.

CISA announced that they are working closely with major cybersecurity organizations specializing in email security, to help troubleshoot and troubleshoot related problems.

How to protect Business Email from vulnerabilities?

If security is not good, hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities in email systems to steal information that you always try to keep separate. In order to protect corporate email and secure network systems, it is necessary to raise awareness of email users.

In addition, the quality of security services and the ability to respond promptly and quickly, as well as the ability to protect Business Email from different providers, also contribute decisively to the safety of the network. Maximum for Business.

In the era of 4.0 technology like today, Business Email always contributes greatly to the success of every business. It not only shows professionalism with simple Domain Email in sending and receiving an email every day. Business email now still needs great attention on security such as:

- Send and receive emails quickly, eliminate email dropout

- Mail 100% inbox, no spam, advertising, virus infection

- Send Email with a private password, protect confidentiality private information

- Control the status and initiation signs of an Email attack

Therefore, Business Email Security is always a big issue for business organizations to ensure a professional working environment and protect the company's reputation.

If you need advice or support for security solutions, please contact VNETWORK immediately!

Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or SMS to us.

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