Multiple CDNs: The Smartest Way for CDNs to Protect Websites
November 15, 2021

Multiple CDNs: The Smartest Way for CDNs to Protect Websites

Under the increasingly terrible impact of server system downtime at a time when businesses promote their presence on the Internet platform. Multi CDN systems (Multiple CDNs) are becoming hotter than ever and become a bright replacement for traditional content delivery network platforms.

Still possessing the advantages that traditional CDN content connection network technology has, the Multiple CDNs platform provides outstanding transmission capacity, minimizing the possibility of problems on the server system and ensuring the ability to Digital recovery of enterprise web application delivery infrastructure systems.

In the following article, we will give the most effective methods and methods for businesses before building a Multiple CDNs strategy for their unit.

Just one CDN system is not enough to satisfy the business

The severe impact of recent downtime incidents has shown how important and urgent it is for businesses to develop a strategy to ensure server system performance and quick recovery as soon as the incidents occurred. With an ever-increasing reliance on the Internet and its utilities, a brief downtime can have far-reaching effects on our lives and daily activities.

Chiến lược Multi CDN thônh minh sẽ giúp doanh nghiệp tiết kiệm tài nguyên, chi phí hoạt động trong khi tận dụng tối đa sức mạnh của hệ thống

Smart Multi CDN strategy will help businesses save resources and operating costs while making the most of the system's power.

It is this that has been motivating businesses with their urgency in building an approach. A new transmission strategy, such as combining many traditional CDN systems into one giant content delivery interconnection network (Multiple CDNs), to ensure rapid transmission and recovery, as soon as problems are detected on the system.

According to research from major technology organizations in the world, more and more businesses are switching from traditional CDN systems to infrastructure connecting Multiple CDNs to improve performance on websites and applications, maximizing capacity system uptime, and optimizing operating costs.

According to the latest research from analytical organizations in 2021, 85% of enterprises have completed the process of converting their CDN infrastructure into Multi CDN to address their requirements for system performance.

The advantages of the Multiple CDNs system.

For those considering upgrading their content delivery network, here are the advantages your business will gain:

1) Globally consistent user experience

The Multi CDN system is the simplest way to reach different audiences in different regions on a global scale. No single CDN service provider can guarantee the ability to operate on a global scale, but a Multi CDN platform that combines many CDNs from different providers will ensure the ability to deliver content on a global scale content to users in the fastest time, providing perfect user experience in every region of the globe.

Hệ thống Multiple CDN (đa CDN) đảm bảo khả năng truyền tải của hệ thống và đem lại trải nghiệm người dùng tốt nhất

Multiple CDNs system ensures system-wide transmission and provide the best user experience

2) Make the most of resources from different suppliers

CDN providers will have different technology highlights in different regions, along with differences in operations and costs.

Some CDN providers will be best suited for hosting static content, others have technological prominence in delivering live video content.A Multiple CDNs platform that integrates other CDN providers will help businesses make the most of the resources and technology strengths from each provider and bring the greatest value to their organizations.

3) Eliminate force majeure incidents

Outages and downtime on server systems are completely inevitable as they happen in even the largest network infrastructure service providers.

The use of Multiple CDNs networks will ensure redundancy in content transmission and distribution, ensuring the server's ability to operate even when there are problems on the system.

How to build a strategy to use Multiple CDNs infrastructures effectively

After implementing the Multi CDN system for your unit, users of the enterprise's website and application system will always have the best experience with a fast and smooth speed no matter where they are. Businesses have the flexibility to navigate traffic in a volatile region, ensuring best-in-class performance globally.

Before businesses decide to use Multiple CDN connection infrastructures for their units, make sure you understand the capabilities of Multi CDN service providers.Not many vendors on the market allow this option, but make sure that your business gets to experience and test the system before making a final decision.

During the trial period, please pay attention to checking and monitoring the traffic to the website and application system during both peak and off-peak times, thereby getting the most accurate view of your unit's performance. capacity and availability of the Multi CDN solution from that vendor.

Hệ thống Multiple CDN (đa CDN) đảm bảo khả năng uptime cao nhất của hệ thống

Multiple CDNs system ensures the highest uptime for the system

A successful Multi CDN infrastructure strategy requires enterprises to have comprehensive management and control over the performance of distribution of website and application system access from different CDNs, the ability to handle and timely query navigation when something goes wrong on a CDN on the system.

Make sure that the Multi CDN solution your business chooses is built with today's latest technologies with intelligent auto-navigation analysis and decision-making capabilities.Ensure the operation and transmission ability of the business is not affected by the breakdown of service providers, avoiding complete dependence on one supplier.

For businesses that ensure the uptime of the website and application system is a vital factor affecting the reputation of the organization.Make sure that the Multiple CDNs solution your business is using has built-in automatic traffic navigation based on real-time data.

For Multi CDN solutions with built-in RUM (real-time user monitoring) tools, organizations can minimize the impact of the most difficult force majeure events.

In addition to minimizing the damage of downtime, an intelligent navigation engine helps route CDNs based on latency, with real-time operational capabilities. From there, it is possible to stabilize traffic to websites and applications by avoiding unnecessary conversions between CDNs, ensuring smooth transmission and a perfect user experience.

The difference of Multi CDN system at VNETWORK

The demand for transmission grew rapidly when the COVID-19 pandemic pushed all normal activities of society to the digital platform, the use of a simple CDN system could not be met with too high a volume of traffic from end-users to the website and application server systems of enterprises.

But the upgrade to the Multi CDN system also causes concerns for businesses in the problems of the ability to operate and manage multiple CDN systems at the same time, the infrastructure of the suppliers in the area, and the cost of using that Multi CDN system.

Understanding the difficulties of businesses, at VNETWORK, a team of programmers from home and abroad, with many years of experience in the field of security and transmission, have developed the VNIS platform (VNETWORK Internet Security) with the system Multi CDN can operate and manage all global CDN providers on a single platform.

With a strong network infrastructure, the Multi CDN system here will ensure 100% uptime and ensure the most stable operation for your website system. Thanks to the intelligent load balancing feature (AI Load Balancing), the system will automatically direct the content on the website to the CDNs with the best performance, thereby ensuring the most perfect and fastest operation to the end-user.

Businesses only have to pay the same cost when using CDNs from different providers, even taking advantage of all the advantages from the top CDN service providers in the world.

On the VNIS Platform, users can integrate and manage CDN systems on the same control panel.Add, remove, configure, and enable/disable CDNs quickly with just a few clicks and without the need to perform on separate systems.

Easily integrate the CDN system your business is using onto the platform in just a few seconds.Measure, analyze and report with 360-degree analytics tools.

The combination of leading CDN providers on the VNIS platform has created a comprehensive solution for transmission and anti-DDoS attacks for businesses when operating on today's digital platforms.

DDoS attack campaigns are growing in size, frequency, and sophistication, while conventional Anti-DDoS solutions have very high costs and seriously affect the performance of customers's systems when the attack is in progress.

At VNIS, we use a huge Multi CDN connection network to filter and receive all malicious requests to the system.Simply put, businesses do not need to spend extra money on an anti-DDoS security solution and still keep the highest performance of the system.

When Multi CDN is enabled for your website, all malicious queries to Layer 3 and 4 will be filtered by the security protocol at the CDN gateway along with additional security solutions for Layer 7 creating the best security program for the website system.

With the power of infrastructure from more than 2,300 PoP servers globally from all our partners, we will ensure the best transmission speed and performance of your business website even during an attack on the system.

In addition, with the increasing demand for transmission in the security of enterprises, VNETWORK has continuously developed and launched solutions for transmission and system security with the latest technologies and best service for our partners operating on digital platforms:

VNCDN - Solution for content transmission and website acceleration by CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology with the ability to receive nearly 3 million simultaneous user visits to the system.

VNIS - A comprehensive security solution for enterprise website systems, controlling and preventing security holes and malicious data collectors. With a global CDN system of up to 2600Tbps, along with the ability to integrate global CDN providers into a giant Multi-CDN system, it helps to optimize the transmission performance of the website system both help against traffic attacks (DDoS, DoS) effectively.

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