Email for business and necessary notes to use email safely
September 25, 2021

Email for business and necessary notes to use email safely

In the current 4.0 technology era, although there are many convenient messaging applications, businesses must always have an email address. Email for business today is not only a tool to exchange information, but it also represents the identity of the company when communicating with customers and partners. Using email for a long time, but do you take full advantage of its benefits? Here are the functions of email and why it is so important to your business.

What is email for business users for?

The main function of email is to send information quickly to other people's mailboxes. However, in a business environment, email is also used to improve company operations, increase performance, and more.

1. Send internal email

Every business needs a tool to communicate professionally with each other and email is a suitable choice for this. Even if you're sitting next to your co-worker, exchanging emails is essential.

At this time, the effect of email exchange is also a place to store information so that they can review it when needed. People can forget a meeting announcement if it's only verbal, but when prompted by email, they'll be more attentive.

2. Communicating with customers

Email is the most effective and reliable way to communicate with customers. It only takes a few minutes to send an email about your progress, but it will help you build a good relationship with all your clients.

However, when using email to communicate with customers, businesses need to pay attention to email security factors. No customer wants to expose their important information or have their system compromised by a partner's virus.

Many hackers today take advantage of vulnerabilities in the email system to steal important business information. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to equip email for businesses with high security.

3. Send notifications

If you often have to communicate an issue to the entire company, it is very convenient to create monthly email notifications. Sending an email will save a company a lot more paper than communicating through bulletin boards posted throughout the office.

4. Create marketing information

Email marketing is an effective tool to reach customers. With just a list of email addresses, businesses can send tailored messages to different customer files.

However, you need to be careful not to send emails continuously, but to identify appropriate campaigns for each customer object. Email marketing to the right audience will help you achieve your monthly goals.

5. Instant Messaging

Most email networks have instant messaging functionality. If you need to communicate with a colleague but don't want to via email, you can use instant messaging. Besides, you can create a group chat or video call if you want.

Advantages of using business email

Now that you know its functions, we will discuss the advantages of using email.

1. You can trade with the whole world

In case you need to keep in touch with international customers and calling them is not possible because of different time zones. Then an email is the most suitable option because you do not have to wait and determine the sending time. Without an exchange tool like email, any business would be at an inconvenience.

2. Email support to review documents when necessary

In business, storing information is very important. For example, if you need to talk privately with a colleague about work or confirm a deal, you should do it by email. This way, you can review the conversations for any questions in the future.

3. Reasonable cost

When it comes to email for business, what you need to consider is not only the domain name but also the security of the system. An unsecured email system can cause damage to hundreds of millions of dong for businesses.

While there are many platforms out there for creating free business emails, it would be a mistake not to invest in email security. An email system that only needs a few million a year to maintain but is protecting transactions up to billions of dong for the company. It can be said that email is a safe and low-cost exchange tool.

4. Sending email is fast and convenient

One of the advantages of email is the speed of sending mail. When you send, your message will reach the recipient's inbox almost immediately at any time. Email can be sent anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year, whether you are in the office or, on a business trip.

However, to ensure this, your company's email system must always be the uptime. Consider these factors when choosing an email service provider.

Need to ensure the safety and security of business email

All the features mentioned in the article can be met by almost any current business email package. What businesses need most is the security and safety of email.

As mentioned above, email is not only a means of exchanging information, it is also a place to store important information of the business. What if hackers know your transaction information with partners and use that information to blackmail your company.

To prevent unnecessary damage, the company should have a highly secure email solution right from the start. Secu E Cloud (upgraded version of SECUMAIL) from VNETWORK is a business email system with advanced security features.

- Make sure to send and receive emails continuously, not to let the company's activities be interrupted by unnecessary little things.

- Set a password for outgoing email: if the company has important information that needs to be secured, this feature will help you a lot. No need to worry about exchanging passwords with each other because the password will be automatically sent to the recipient's phone number.

- Recall email sent by mistake: how many times has your company been confused and worried because it sent important documents to others by mistake. Secu E Cloud will help the company solve this problem by locking the email and at the same time letting you know if the recipient has opened the email and how many times.

- Prevent mail virus, spam, phishing: Secu E Cloud uses AI and Machine Learning technology to check the content of incoming mail. If it contains anything dangerous, the system will alert the recipient.

- Encrypt malicious emails into images: this is a feature that can make the business's email exchange process more convenient. Normally when opening an email, employees must consider unusual factors to ensure the safety of the company system. However, once the dangers have been transformed into images, no regrettable actions will take place.

- Detailed daily report: this function helps you manage company email more effectively, saving a lot of time and effort to report to superiors.

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