Secure Web Applications safely with TOP 6 most practical methods
November 22, 2021

Secure Web Applications safely with TOP 6 most practical methods

Life will become extremely light when we can operate and manage our online business activities without worrying about security issues or cyber-attacks. But "a dream is just a dream". Hackers and cybercriminals are researching and developing the most sophisticated methods to bypass web application security layers.

If groups of hackers successfully bypass the web application security layer on your enterprise system, the consequences that we must receive are huge. Stealing data for ransom, selling sensitive data,... there are many things that attack groups can achieve once they successfully infiltrate the system.

Building an enterprise web application system security process is one of the most urgent requirements in today's worrisome cyber security breach situation.

Web application security process definition.

How will you handle it when there is an asset of great value, affecting your business' brand and business operations, and facing the risk of being stolen? The most logical thing we can do right away is to build enhanced protection methods for it. And this is also the only solution for enterprise web application security.

The level of risk an enterprise will face against security threats in cyberspace depends on the capabilities and effectiveness of the security process that its cybersecurity team is operating. If your enterprise web application system is being protected by a standard web application security process, it will be difficult for malicious actors to easily access and penetrate the system.

And the same thing happens in the opposite direction, if the security process that your business does not have or does not work, it is like hackers can freely infiltrate and take control of the system simply and easily.

Web 2.0 with great improvements in user interaction but lack of security

The rapid development of technology has led to a strong upgrade of Webapp - Web applications with a great improvement in the ability to interact with users. The previous generation of Web 1.0 was just a basic web application system with only a lot of text on the page, little or no channels, and ways to attract user interaction on the page.

Despite that great weakness, the Web 1.0 system has strong security capabilities against malicious actors. Stories become very different with the new generation of web applications - Web 2.0, which allows direct user interaction by entering data about their personal information on the system. And this has turned the Web 2.0 system into a really good prey in the sights of hacker groups.

The most pressing reasons for building an effective web application security process.

Hackers and cyberattack activities increase rapidly when the amount of valuable data that businesses' systems are operating in the digital space is growing in volume and quantity. The techniques and methods of unauthorized access to the server system are also being improved and developed rapidly.

Once they have entered the system or successfully mounted malicious code on a web application, the benefits that these objects can reap are huge, and it is also proportional to the amount of damage that the business can do. will have to suffer. Here are a few reasons why building an effective web application security process for your business is essential.

1. Sensitive data

In today's digital age, data is an invaluable resource and currency - "Data is a new oil". If your business's security team can't identify what your most important data is and take appropriate action to protect it, the hacker groups themselves will tell you why we have to do that.

Not only stopping at infiltrating and notifying the system administrator about the breach on the system like the way white hat hackers usually do, but black hat hackers will also have a lot of resources on the system. that they can use to blackmail your business: customer data, system data, or even the source code on your business' web application.

The theft of customer's personal information on the enterprise's system and for sale on the internet will have a very serious impact on the reputation and brand of your business.

2. Revenue efficiency

If your business is operating a web application system in cyberspace as the face of your brand and where end-users interact with your products and services, a downtime or attack on the system will cause interruptions in access, features or even the entire website will immediately stop working, causing inefficiencies for business activities, damage to the brand image. Simply put, your business will immediately lose a large revenue stream.

Building an effective web application security process will minimize damage to the business when an attack occurs

Especially with the case of a Ransomware attack. At that time, the attacker will gain administrative rights on the web application system and blackmail businesses if they want to regain control of the system in the hands of the attacker. When this story happens, your business will not only suffer from the loss of access from the attack of the web application system, but you also have to pay the attackers' costs.

And when there is an easy prey that pays the ransom for them easily, the hacker groups will not easily ignore the business, the next attacks will not take place immediately.But it will certainly happen, sooner or later.

3. Comply with the provisions of the law

End-user privacy has become one of the most concerning issues today.And it is also a prerequisite of businesses that are operating on a digital platform with security operations for the amount of private data for their customers.If your business does not have the right security procedures in place for this amount of data, you will face consequences following the provisions of the law.

The failure of enterprises to build an effective web application security process will inevitably expose the system to threats and malicious actors when operating in cyberspace, seriously affecting user's data contained in the system.

When this happens, it's really out of your control. When users' private data is stolen from your business systems, distributed and sold in cyberspace by attackers, you will have to explain and answer this problem before the law.

6 Best methods in web application security

While the technology level and capabilities of the web application system are critical to building an effective web application security process, it is not the only component.

The security policies and methods that your enterprise's security team implements are also integral components of building an effective web application security process as they define systems. How does your network work?The following are the most practical security methods to help build a secure system security process for businesses:

1. Continuous security check on the system

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are already aware of the urgent need to secure your system, and it is also very likely that you have implemented some security method on your web app system. mine.This is also the method to ensure that the measures you have taken are effective.

Schedule a regular security check on the system, you will be able to detect and prevent the earliest security holes and malicious actors around your web application system. me.

While there are basic and simple ways that your business security team can perform a relative audit, consider using a security service from a reputable 3rd party. credit.

In addition to the deep expertise for the job requirements, 3rd party security teams are often unfamiliar with your business systems, so they have a better ability to observe and capture information. can see the whole picture of the complete picture without any influence or impact.

2. Use a real-time monitoring tool

Continuous web application security testing will help you identify fatal vulnerabilities that are present in your system. There is absolutely no website without security holes, and 90% of these vulnerabilities come from the process of building web application systems of enterprises. These vulnerabilities will always lie there, smoldering waiting for the opportunity to escalate and cause damage to the business.

Continually testing security and building additional methods creates an effective web application security process for your business.

The application of real-time monitoring tools on the system will contribute to helping the enterprise security team monitor and manage their system 24/24 in real-time. The system will immediately report to the administrator as soon as a security breach, system intrusion or other problems arise. From there we can immediately handle the problem as soon as possible, prevent and minimize possible damage.

Use web application firewall solutions - Web Application Firewall will provide real-time monitoring and management of your system.The WAF solution will enhance the security of the system against attacks and violations such as XSS, SQL Injection, DDoS attacks,...

3. Encrypt data on the system

The high level of interactivity that the Web 2.0 generation brings is reflected in the ability of end-users to visit your business website to leave their personal information for their own needs.And your business must be responsible for the security of that information against all threats in cyberspace.

Encrypting your business web application data will make the operation of information shared from end-users to business servers much safer.But make sure that amount of data is not only encrypted when its state is "rest", but that it is also encrypted during transit between devices.Don't forget to encrypt SSL/TLS to protect your web application system interactions via HTTPS protocol.

4. Raise the standard for the login method on the system

Raising standards for methods of logging into the system will help administrators be immediately notified of an unauthorized entry into the system as soon as it occurs, understand how and how it will happen. out.Integrate and use effective system log tools to manage and track problems that are happening on the system most accurately.

If an intrusive attack occurs on your system, you can completely use this log to study the breach and have ways to prevent similar errors in the future.

5. Don't forget the password story

Previously, if you wanted to steal your system login account, hackers could only "guess" and it was really difficult to penetrate the system by this way.But today with the continuous development of cyberattack techniques.Finding out the user's password is no longer a complicated problem.

Make sure you and your security team members use different passwords for different login accounts.Use phrases with combinations of numbers and characters to yield the strongest ciphers that are hard to exploit.

6. Continuously develop web application security skills for the technical team

In addition to all the measures we listed above. Updating new knowledge about web application security, information on what is happening in the real world, and how your security team is implementing it is the most important element of a business process. effective web application security.

The difference of Web application security solutions at VNETWORK.

Are the consequences of being attacked causing you to fear? Don't worry, put that fear aside, and don't let it get in the way of reaching your full potential in developing your business' web application system. Focus on building a comprehensive security process with the most effective tools and systems.

At VNETWORK, understanding the concerns and difficulties of businesses operating in cyberspace with the current situation of serious security breaches and attacks, we have developed the Cloud WAF - Application Firewall solution. Cloud-based Web applications. Strongly upgraded from traditional WAF technology, Cloud WAF firewall with comprehensive security capabilities for enterprise's original server system against all threats of attacks and intrusions in the digital space.

The Cloud WAF system carries with it the power of an AI artificial intelligence brain with the analytical ability to automatically filter all queries sent to the system before it is allowed to reach the origin server.Automatically scan for malicious code, unauthorized crawlers on the site.

In addition, to address the exponentially increasing transmission and security needs of enterprises after the COVID19 pandemic, VNETWORK has continuously developed and launched solutions for transmission and system security. with the latest technologies to best serve our partners operating on digital platforms:

VNCDN - Solution for content transmission and website acceleration by CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology with the ability to receive nearly 3 million simultaneous user visits to the system.

VNIS - A comprehensive security solution for enterprise website systems, controlling and preventing security holes and malicious data collectors. With a global CDN bandwidth of up to 2600Tbps along with the ability to integrate global CDN providers into a giant Multi-CDN system, it helps to optimize the transmission performance of the website system. while helping to combat traffic attacks (DDoS, DoS) effectively.

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