4 Solutions to optimize IT infrastructure for securities companies
February 22, 2021

4 Solutions to optimize IT infrastructure for securities companies

1. Overloading IT infrastructure in the early days of 2021

At the beginning of 2021, stocks increased sharply, trading orders on HoSE slowed down seriously. Specifically, in the morning session on February 18, when the market plunged after the ATO, the traffic congestion occurred until the afternoon. The phenomenon of "crawling turtle" is clearly visible on the electronic board.

The reason is that at the beginning of the day, investors scrambled to place orders to trade stocks. Meanwhile, the limit of the capacity of the infrastructure from the electronic stock exchanges cannot handle the countless spikes, how many orders to enter, the more the system has to handle. Out of capacity, the system stops, with no further processing. The following orders are "waiting" in vain.

2. Solution to expand the IT infrastructure for securities enterprises

2.1. Use Public Cloud

Public Cloud is also called Cloud Server, Cloud SSD, or Cloud VPS, it is like owning an apartment in a large apartment building.

Public Cloud apartments help you: Save costs, use and manage effectively, suitable for small and medium needs. You just need to pay for what you use and get the economic benefits from sharing with other apartments. However, using the same building with many people means you will have to share electricity, water, elevator ... or similar to RAM, CPU, disk space.

Public Cloud is the most popular Cloud model and is the ideal choice for businesses that need small and medium IT systems that do not require too strict information security management.

However, there is no poor cloud model, whether it is a Private Cloud or a Public cloud has a certain location depending on your requirements.

At VNETWORK you can deploy IT infrastructure with storage solutions with Public Cloud quickly, simply, and the 24/7 support team.

2.2. Using Private Cloud (virtual private server)

Private Cloud is considered as having your own building with dozens of rooms. You will unleash the design and layout of the rooms, you have complete independence in managing and operating with the price of course higher than the Public Cloud.

Advantages of Private Cloud:

- Independent of infrastructure

- Flexible, powerful, and stable

- High security

- Availability geographically

- Reasonable cost compared to Dedicated Server

- Good redundancy

Private Cloud helps independent businesses to manage, a high level of security and the cost of operating the system is also quite high. This model is suitable for large enterprises, financial institutions, securities ... with strict security policies and requires great control ability.

Private Cloud is well secured thanks to the enterprise firewall and internal storage to help ensure that important corporate data is not accessed by 3rd party businesses.

To deploy IT infrastructure with Private Cloud, you need to have an IT team strong enough to control a separate IT system. The Private cloud system can be located in the customer datacenter or in a datacenter.

At VNETWORK, we also deploy IT infrastructure with a dedicated Private Cloud configuration for e-commerce and securities finance units.

2.3. Use CDN to cache content nationwide

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a smart technology solution that connects all server systems around the world into a huge network of servers, helping to store your website content worldwide. gender. Therefore, when users need to access your website, CDN technology will automatically detect the local internet status and the geographical location of the nearest server to return the content results to users in the fastest way.

CDN plays a very important role in speeding up the transmission of website content. Specifically, in the case of stock-trading companies, the information is quickly displayed to the user. For example, users in Hanoi will get the fastest stock information retrieval results at CDN server in Hanoi, although the original server can be located in a very remote place.

In Vietnam, VNCDN is Asia's leading CDN service provider with a total domestic bandwidth of more than 3Tbps, meeting more than 3,000,000 CCUs.

2.4. Use Multi CDN to cache website content globally

Similar to CDN, Multi CDN is a solution that combines CDN power-ups from around the world. You can optionally use the CDN providers that you want to connect to and the VNIS Multi CDN management platform, which manages all the different CDNs on a single platform. VNIS helps control real-time traffic, prevents DDoS causing website downtime, ensures website 100% continuous uptime, is ready for all the biggest traffic spikes.

It can be said that VNIS is a solution to secure and accelerate the transmission of specialized content for multinational securities companies. Register to upgrade IT infrastructure for securities businesses today at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or email to: sales@vnetwork.vn

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