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The life cycle of a Vietmam domain

Posted August 30, 2018



Condition of Available Domain Names: the domain is available and not registered by any entity.

Condition of Registered Domain Names: the domain is unavailable. Registered already.

Adjournment/ Maintainability of Domain Names: after registered, domain must be work for at least 1 year. After the expiry, the domain enters a Grace Period that may last up to 35 days. This is the period when you can renew  the domain at a regular rate without pay a penalty.

Condition of Expired Domain Names: within 5 days from the expiration, your domain is still working as usual.

Condition of Pending Delete:  from day 6 to 35 after an expired, domain is no longer in a zone. Pending works.

Condition of Redemption Grace Period: after 30 days, from pending delete date, domain owner didn’t pay maintainability fees, domain name will transfer to Redemption Grace Period.

Within 10days from the Redemption Grace Period, VNETWORK corporate with the owner to do all of the necessary referenda for confirming redemption.

After 10 days, from the day your domain name transfer to condition of redemption and no pay for fees confirmation from the domain agency(notify online on the list of domain names haven’t pay fees, owner digital signature included).

After considered if your domain name did n’t infringe regulation of domain names registration “.vn” in article 5, circular 24/2015/TT-BTTTT, the domain name is returned to a condition of available so that agencies, organizations, and individuals can register.

Note: Renew domain on this condition is unallowed.


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