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Connect to server via SSH with Putty program

Posted August 30, 2018

1. What is SSH? Why do we need to use SSH?

SSH (abbreviated of Secure Shell) is a cryptographic network protocol used to building the secure network connections. SSH works on the fourth layer of the TCP/IP.SSH model which is allows the interaction between the server and the client, using strong encryption mechanisms to prevent the information from eavesdrops and steal information. This is the special thing that the previous protocols such as Telnet, Rlogin haven’t been done before.

The operation of SSH via 3 simple steps:

  • Defined Host – defining host which is taking part in SSH working shift
  • Encryption – establishing an encryption channel.
  • Authentication – authenticating the authority of users to login the system.

2. Using instruction of Software PuTTY to SSH engage with VPS/Server Linux

PuTTY is a software allows connection to the server (VPS/Server Linux) via protocol SSH  to a remote command (command line). To use PuTTY, use needs to download this software to your computer. You can install from homepage

   2.1. Open the program PuTTY downloaded/installed


2.2. Fill in Server Information need to a remote.

           Hostname/ IP Address: fill in IP or Hostname of Server.

            Port: default is Port 22

            Connection Type: SSH

            At the section Saved Session: You can save the connection then it will connect automatically for the next time. Fill in Name Session on cell Saved Session and select Save. If saved successful, you just need to select on the name of the session then select Load to create the connection.


Then you select Open to connect.

2.3. Appear the notify window

On the first time of connection, you will receive the notification as below. Select Yes to continue



2.4. Fill in username and password

Fill in username and password to login the user. Please kindly note: using Enter after every time fill in username/password. Password won’t be displayed when you are typing so you should typing correctly and press Enter.


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