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Guide to setting up SECUMAIL account on Outlook 2013

Posted August 30, 2018

In this article, we will practice with Outlook version: 2013. And can do the same to another version

The steps are as follows:

On the main display of Outlook, we choose File -> Add Account to add more account.



Next, we choose Manual setup or additional types and choose Next.



Choose POP or IMAP and choose Next



Then we need to fill in the account information, password, and server



We will fill in as follows:

- Your Name: the information that displayed on Outlook, it’s your option.

- Email Address: fill in email address to connect

- Account Type: select POP3

- Incoming Mail Server and Out Going Mail Server: we will in the format: mail.domain

For example, your domain is VNETWORK.VN then you will enter MAIL.VNETWORK.VN

- User Name: fill in the email address to connect (fill in the same with section Email Address is above)

- Password: fill in your current password of Email

Then select More Settings  ….

The system will open a new window with this name Internet E-mail Settings, on tab Outgoing Server, we tick at cell My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication


Next, on tab Advanced. We can edit the port information of server. System SECUMAIL use incoming port is 110 and outgoing port is 587

Click on OK after edited 


In window of Add Account, select Next, the system will open a new window is Test Account Settings, if you see the notification as below, it means all of configuration is correct. In case of error notification, please check again DNS configuration of domain and username, password of email account.

Then select Finish to ending the installation.


For Outlook can sync all the email with you computer then you need to log in SECUMAIL Management Page -> Option -> on section External Setting select Set POP3 -> on section Set Update Period. We tick on Update All E-mail



And now we can manage and send/receive SECUMAIL via your Outlook



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