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Guide to using Reseller Hosting (cPanel)

Posted August 30, 2018

      I. Create Package

To use Reseller and create many Hosting on cPanel then we have to create the Package.

– Step 1: access WHM by this link:

- Step 2: Go to Menu Package and Select Add a Package

Step 3: Customize the parameters for the package which have the following values:

  • Disk Quota: Package Storage
  • Monthly Bandwith: Bandwith for once month, this value will be reset every month.
  • Max FTP Account: Maximum amounts of FTP accounts
  • Max Email Account: Maximum amounts of Email accounts
  • Max Quota per Email Address: Maximum storage for each email account
  • Max Email List: Maximum of email list
  • Max Database: Maximum amounts of Database
  • Max Sub Domains: Maximum amounts of Sub Domain
  • Max Parked Domains: Maximum amounts of Parked Domains
  • Max Addon Domains: Maximum amounts of Addon Domains

- Step 4: then we select Add to create Package


II. Instruction of createaccount.

- Step 1: Select Create a New Account in menu

- Step 2: Fill in the necessary information of Hosting account

- Step 3: Select Package for this host

- Step 4: Select Create to create an account


III. Basic web hosting guide

- Step 1: on the list of menu, we select List Accounts and click on “+” to open the options

- Step 2: In here we can do a lot of things

  • Change Password: changing the password for the host
  • Change Contact Email: changing email information
  • Suspend Account: pending hosting service
  • Change Plan: changing to other Package
  • Terminate Account: deleting hosting account


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