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Guide to Hosting Linux with Cpanel Control

Posted August 23, 2018

Hello everyone! Today I’d like sending to your this article to show you how to use Cpanel Control in the most effective and simplest way for the people who are starter designed web and upload date to Server Hosting.

Firstly, you need to log in the Administration Hosting Page that VNETWORK sent to you

For example: 

2083intended for an individual owns 1 website
2087intended for individuals who owned many websites (Reseller)
2096login Mail Administration Page of each user

The log in page:

Below here is the interface for hosting Administrtion Page of User:

For the normal operation of a website, you need to pay attention to the following services:
•For websites which don’t have Database Connection, you just need to upload source web is normal operation, but most people use Open Source Software (WordPress, PrestaShop,..) or site auto-building on PHP Frameworks ( CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon,…) all of them connect to the database to display articles and products attached.
Therefore, the configuration of the connection database is simple but if you don’t make it correctly then your site will not be displayed


File Manager: This is administration part such as upload, edit content and website folders.
FTP Accounts: the same function with File Manager.

PhpMyAdmin: This is Database Management Page of a website, you can customize and import/export the records via phpMyadmin.
MySQL Database Wizard: Helps you create your own database_user and database_name and engage user right for the database.

Display of File Manager: At section [Setting], click on Show Hidden Files (.dotfiles) helps us to see all the properties of the file and hidden folder.

Display of FTP Account: you create an user and enage the folder’s rights to the folder need to managed

Create Databases:
Click on MySQL Database Wizard symbol
•Create a database:  add more follow your choice

Create Database Name: you should use a strong password to secure data  

To engage access ability of data for user: click on All Privileges so the user is received completely rights on the data it owns.

After finished your tasks, we will run the website by input the IP address of server to file host  C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

To the best of resources exploit on the server host. I will guide you how to use PHP library efficiently.

  • In section Service Software [select PHP Version], this section helps you click to add more library for your website, with the configuration I selected as below for WordPress and PrestaShop.

  • In addition, you should read more about the optimization at the home page of WordPress and PrestaShop.

To optimize Ram and some of constant in the library at section [Swtich to PHP option]

Next, I will guide you to use mail on server host:

On Services Email -> Email Accounts to create Email Address

After registered. At section Email Account -> [More] you click on here and it will show up some of submenu 

 suspend Pending user’s activities
 suspend login Login is not allowed
 suspend Incoming mailNo incoming mail
 Access webmail Accessing to webmail
 Config calendars and Contacts Setup calendars and notification

At this time, you click on [Access Webmail] -> select roudcube -> set default

•On your webmail display, you will receive Email that notifies to your account.

•For more effective sending email, you need DNS configuration of DKIM and SPF or you can use other application such as Gsuite, SMTP2GO, Authrmailer…

That everything you need to do for using Hosting.

Hope it can help you and good luck


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