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Guide to connect VPS Windows and use Local Resources function in Remote Desktop

Posted August 30, 2018

Part 1: Using instruction of tool Remote Desktop

Step 1: To open the software Remote Desktop Connection, you can do follows this way:

+ Start -> Run -> CMD -> mstsc -> OK

+ Start -> Run -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection.

After opened, the software will be displayed as the image:


Step 2: On the section Computer, fill in IP Adress of VPS here is and select Connect. Then you will see this notification as below

Step 3: At the window of Windows Security, fill in the password of VPS account is the admin. In addition, you also login with another account at section Use Another Account. Filled in the password and click on OK, it will display the notification as the image below 

Step 4: Click on Yes, if it succeeds, you will see the result as below

Part 2) Using the function of Local Resources to connect the disk at Remote device with VPS server

Step 1: At the home page of software Remote Desktop Connection, you click on Show Options as the image below


Step 2: At tab Local Resources in part Local devices and resources, select More

Step 3: At this catalogue, you can choose the disk to connect to VPS while working with Remote. In here vHost choose Disk DATA (G:)


Step 4: Do the Remote process as above and we will have the result as the image below. With this feature, we can easy to transfer the data via VPS and Remote device.


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