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Basic knowledge of Hosting

Posted August 30, 2018

1. What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service of the Internet server to post your website onto the Internet. If domain is address, website is the house so using web hosting is “land rent”.

Imagine if the server as a personal computer then hosting as a folder on that computer. Different to a normal computer, server is a specialized computer designed for storing and processing data on the Internet, with IP Address and private network connection. Servers are highly configurable, and operation requires stringent temperature, humidity, power supply, and the other support devices as well as the profession at system- network management. You only pay to rent a place on the server to use Web Hosting service without worrying about other operating conditions.

2. Why should I use Web Hosting Service?

To operate a website, the companies have to invest servers, IT staff, renting land to set up the servers at data centers or hire a leased line. The costs of services are often few million to several dozen million per month. For large businesses, they can afford this cost, but for the small one is a problem.

With Business Hosting Service, it’s cheap (just several dozens of thousand to few hundred-thousand per month), your website is maintained and troubleshooting by the provider. You can see the cost of hosting service is cheaper than services for renting a server or hosting server. Therefore, Hosting Service is the best choice for small and medium enterprises which want to have an effective website on the Internet and save money.


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