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Domain renewal at NETWORK

Posted August 30, 2018

Domain Renewal

When your domain name is approaching its expiry date you are sent several emails in advance to notify you of its expiry and providing you a receipt from VNETWORK system, or if your demand is maintained the domain, please do everything you need to complete payment process in order to renew your domain.

In case you don’t want to use your domain anymore, you can feedback to us. Then we can cancel your receipt and stop sending you the reminding mail to avoid disturbing you.

- To renew your domain, please log in this address to start the payment process.

How much for the renewal fee?

Please take a look at  our list of renewal domain in our website “using domain fees”

Can I renew it for a couple years?

Of course, you can set your domain name to auto-renew and as long as the payment details on record are valid then an invoice will be generated on the expiry date for an additional period of years specified by you.

What if I want to change my domain names. Do I need to pay any fee?

According to Decision No. 28/2006/QD-BTC dated May 05, 2006 of the Minister of Finance, the fee for changing the domain name is VND 180,000 for single time:

a. Change the IP address of the server is hosting the domain.

b. move the domain name to another server.

- If you change the domain name: in this case, the old one is considered to be removed. You must register for a new domain name.

- the changes of address, telephone number, account number, etc. free of charge.



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