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Natural Resources And Environment Newspaper

Natural Resources And Environment Newspaper

The Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper

Natural Resources And Environment Newspaper
Government & Public Sector
Viet Nam

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The Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper is an electronic newspaper of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment with the domain name “”. It provides information on natural resources, environment, economy, society, Vietnamese law and information outside of the world. This site is also a trusted destination for people who want to update official news and accurate from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


Website is considered as the face of an organization. For a state-owned unit such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, caring for a website becomes even more important as it is a well-known public organization. Previously, the news website of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment was rudimentary. Layout and layout of the site are not reasonable, especially for mobile users to surf the web content is worse status when the interface is not optimized on mobile devices.

Moreover, in addition to the rudimentary website, the download speed of the website also affects the viewer's experience. The status of the Resource and Environment newspaper was not only a matter of layout but also of slow page loading. When entering the site, many contents are not fully displayed, especially images and videos. Viewers will be very difficult or can not see the image displayed on the news items, instead, the icon of loading the unsuccessful image is often seen on the network makes viewers feel uncomfortable. Video content is also incomplete and may not even be viewable by the user.

Because it is not equipped with a strong network infrastructure, so when the traffic surge, the website Resources, and Environment easily fell into suspension. Many hackers are also targeting this weakness for DDoS attacks that cost the server system resources. It is therefore essential to restrict access by geographic location.

For users interested in reading news on their website every day, the Resource and Environment newspaper also allows users to register members to receive full benefits on the website. However, users are more cautious in providing their personal information. Therefore, the site needs to gain trust in users and secure their information is a very important point.

Only with a bad experience on the website, viewers will come to a quick decision that is leaving the page. This has had a great impact on the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment as the number of e-newspaper subscribers is decreasing despite all investment efforts on content to viewers, while not everyone chooses to read. Daily newspaper.

In addition, an organization needs a standardized email system. With a state unit like the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, processing hundreds of emails a day will be very easy to make mistakes while e-mail is the preferred method of attack by hackers. Therefore, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment should have a system that is equipped with security features to avoid information theft as well as facilitate the exchange of everyday work of everyone in the organization.


To overcome the disadvantages of the newspaper resources and environment, VNETWORK is the provider and responsible for managing the Content Management System (CMS) - rebuild the website system for this article. Highlights of the CMS is the ability to customize the interface is high, suitable for all devices, making it easy for administrators to manage, edit content and save costs.

To ensure that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment owns a strong and standard website, in addition to providing a good front-end interface, VNETWORK also provides back-end systems including servers and internal load balancing powerful CDN systems. The content has been saved on the CDN servers, giving users access and retrieval of data much faster than before without waiting. Along with that, anti-DDoS feature helps to minimize the status of the website is blocked and collapsed. The IP hiding feature, which distributes the traffic to all CDN PoPs, helps prevent DDoS attacks on the website, ensuring that the site stays up-to-date 24 hours a day.

The SSL website security certificate will help ensure that all data exchanged between the website server and the browser is secure. When accessing MONRE's electronic news website, customers can verify the authenticity and reliability of the website and rest assured that all information is encrypted and protected from change. hacker.

SECUMAIL security email solution is also used by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. With SECUMAIL, the email system of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment is protected by superior artificial intelligence technology. In security, artificial intelligence will check, notify and block malicious e-mail messages containing viruses, fraudulent e-mail messages sent to the mailbox, and effectively eliminate spam mail that is annoying every day.


Now, TNMT's website has a much more beautiful and animated interface and outstanding back-end system. The number of visitors to this site has also increased, and the ranking of domestic and international websites has also been increased (according to The ranking of the Resource and Environment newspaper on Alexa was down nearly 40%.

Display errors on your computer and mobile devices are fixed. The website interface on faulty mobile devices is no longer available. The user experience of using mobile read newspapers also increased thanks to the layout of the website clear, simple and not sophisticated, suitable for the taste of the viewer.

In addition, SECUMAIL email security system also helps filter email, block email fraudulent, block email contains malicious attachments and prevent spam mail effectively, to support the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in daily email processing.